• Reproduction is needed

    You can't reproduce if your gay, So if the world keeps allowing homosexuals to take over, In a couple billion years, Humans will die out. Another point is that God hates fags, So being gay is unholy, Therefore, Everyone who is gay is quite possibly going to hell and that's sad!

  • Yes it should be banned

    First and foremost, Heterosexuality is natural and every man and woman, Boy and girl is born heterosexual. Second, No one is born gay. Thirdly, Homosexuality brings aids. Fourth, It is a sin in God's eyes. Fifth, It makes people sick. Sixth, Homosexuality needs to stop being shoved down everyone's throats. TBGL indoctrination needs to stop globally. Especially for kids. Near the end, It's inappropriate and no one likes it. Seventh, Kids also require a mom & a dad. It's Adam & Eve not Adam & Steve. Therefore, Homosexuality is not only sodomy, A sin, And an abomination, It is immoral. Therefore, It should be once again banned. Anyone who think we are hating, We aren't. Snowflakes of the left are the real bigots, They are the real hypocrites and they are degenerates. Most of all, They are heterophobes.

  • It is Unholy

    It is a mental disease that has been allowed to live. Homosexuals are parasites that need to be removed before our children are corrupted by the sexual orientation that we call homosexuality. Also I must reiterate that it is unholy it is not meant to be, But we have allowed it to survive and now is the time to abolish it before our little ones are corrupted.

  • Governments are Created to Defend God Given Rights

    Homosexuality is not a God given right. The job of government is to punish evil and immorality. Homosexuality is immorality because it is abusing the sexual organs made for reproduction for pleasure. It is an abomination and will destroy civilizations. It increases STD's, Leads to pedophilia, Promotes degeneracy, And devalues life.

  • It is not good

    You need heterosexual sex for babies and the gays can't do heterosexual sex and that's stupid since it means less people in the nation like serious that's so dumb. We need more people to do more stuff and tax more so we can spend more and than tax more and then spend more

  • It is not good

    You need heterosexual sex for babies and the gays can't do heterosexual sex and that's stupid since it means less people in the nation like serious that's so dumb. We need more people to do more stuff and tax more so we can spend more and than tax more and then spend more

  • This will receive a lot of reports, But I must say it

    I am against not being heterosexual in every way, But we are overpopulated. We need some sort of crowd control. This sexual thing is the solution. There is no chance of having DNA children between two gay parents, Therefore the births start to decrease. If this becomes big enough, We might solve overpopulation within decades.

    The best thing about it? You are not actually killing people. This is a self-imposed crowd control that stops overpopulation before it happens, So people would not mind because they are doing it to themselves and ethical problems would be solved because no killing is involved.

    All we need to do is advertise being gay in tremendous amounts. That is because being gay is like a disease, It affects mostly every person the host interacts with. That is why advertising being gay in every country would help solve overpopulation

    I know this was probably the most unethical thing to say, But I had to plant the seed of doubt within the mind of whoever reads this.

    Let that seed of doubt flourish into the tree of change.

  • It’s their choice

    You can’t force them to be straight. If they want to be gay let them, If they want to be lesbian let them, If they want to be bisexual let them. Never force someone to become someone who they aren’t or you will be seen as evil which is not nice.

  • As a lesbian. . .

    It is very already hard to fit into modern society. A law would make my love choices illegal? Then why not make hippies illegal? Adults with braces illegal? How about soda? Ooh, How about the Jewish? Maybe books with more than 200 pages?
    Stupid. That's what a law like that would be.

  • Are gays bothering you?

    Do they scare you, Are they hurting you, Are they threatening your masculinity? Do those two men holding hands give you the urge to hate on a life that is not yours. If so then I really do not care, You can't stop the homo.

  • The Peoples choice

    You cannot force someone to be heterosexual. People act as if there is something wrong with being gay or lesbian but they are just like us. There is no difference between a persons character if they like the opposite gender or not. I am not gay but I have met gay people and liked them a lot because they are they exact same as a heterosexual person. They are mistreated for no reason and that needs to stop

  • No. Its obvious.

    It is ridiculous to criminalize something that isn't even a personal choice. People are going to be homosexual whether you like it or not so there is no point in criminalizing it. It does no harm to society and if nobody is getting harmed then it should be legal. .

  • Leave the government out of it.

    People can have their own opinion about sexuality and what is right and wrong, But these views should not be forced onto others. The best way to do that is to take the government out of it (and definitely not give it more control). Not being heterosexual should not be illegal and the government should be taken out of marriage so there are no issues with forcing someone to do something they believe is wrong.

  • They tried that it did not work

    Gay people have been around since the beginning of time, Gay exists in nature too, Just look around, If you don't hurt others and leave kids alone it isnt anyones business if you are gay, To even ask this question in todays world is just about a hate crime, It is very offensive, You can ask it and i can say you should not even ask it in response

  • This is an incredibly non-specific question.

    Not everything differing from a normative identity should be illegal.

    There's no method (that i'm aware of) which has been shown effective in removing same-sex attraction. Which means legislation against cases of non-normative sexuality would be effectively useless as a deterrent.

    With this being said, Specific cases such as gender identity disorder could warrant legislation. If an "identity" or "sexuality" poses a significant risk to the individual or society as a whole then it should be "illegal".

  • It's like their hair color.

    You can't change someones sexuality and force them to be straight, Just like you can't change someones hair color. Sure you can dye their hair, But it will always grow out and will always be there. You can dye your hair over and over and over again but that will just lead to damaged, Unhealthy hair that can cause further health problems. You can't keep people from expressing their true selves without severe, Unintentional side effects. Their sexuality is a part of who they are.

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