Should (not can or will) Canada join the U.S.?

Asked by: Rezamee
  • Balance of power

    Such a Union would improve our economy and society. This would make us the dominant country on the Western Hemisphere, and the greatest world power ever. It would also shift the political balance in America. China and Russia would be dwarfed and give us greater power. A union like that is a necessary step

  • I usually don't support the US Foreign policy, so I prefer an independent Canada.

    I don't want to be part of a nation that dictates it's own rules to everyone else as the US is doing. The US has started so many wars since I was a child that I no longer count. Otherwise, the US is a great country. If it were not for the globalization of the economy, there would be a clear economic advantage for me at least if the US and Canada merged, but under the current global trade pattern, I feel Canada is well equipped to succeed without the US.

    It's sad that I can't vote Yes here, because from a strictly cultural and scientific point of view I have closer ties with the US and other nations than with fellow Canadians.

  • Didn't Succeed Before

    Canada should definitely not become apart of America.

    America at one time thought about such a union before. When the idea was turned down America tried to take Canada by force. This led to the war of 1812. I doubt that Canada's mind has changed in the amount of time that has passed.

    Canada and Americas heritage and Governments are just to different from each other. Canada is parliamentary, while America is presidential. Lets face it I doubt that either of these nations would be willing to make the change in government.

    As for the heritage, well that pretty much speaks for itself, with the differences in our economy and life style. An example being their free health care, Bagged milk, etc

  • Different govt type and society

    Canada's head of state (reserve executive) is Queen Elizabeth, Queen of the commonwealth that includes the UK. Most in the US would not want to have a monarch. Further, Canada is parliamentary, US is presidential. Neither side is likely to give up what they believe to be a better govt. Canada is more liberal (progressive) than the US and as such, the US Republican Party would highly oppose. Canada has less crime, etc.

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  • Have to laugh - heck no.

    I'm American, and worked in Canada from 1986 to 1994, living in Nova Scotia from 1990 to 1994.

    Heck, I'd say the U.S. would be all for it, but I don't see much that would recommend it to Canadians. With it's great load of natural resources, Canada is set up fairly well for the future. Why take on the U.S.'s enormous debt?

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