• Yes It is way more legit than any other source of energy.

    Nuclear energy is far more efficent than any other source of energy. Using logos it is cheaper and it gives more power than other sources. Also it doesn't diminish as fast as oil and other natural resources. One power plant can power an entire aircraft carrier and everything that goes on inside of it!

  • Nuclear energy is a good thing

    We will never blow up, it is a logical fallacy. Travis sorenson is such a s poser, he is such a little red head, and he needs to cut his hair. It looks like a mop. He is overweight, and spends way to much time online doing stupid things like putting this online.

  • Yes we should pursue nuclear power.

    It is a much more economical source of power for our nation. Yes it is true that there are risks and dangers to nuclear plants but it is also true that all nuclear plants failures have been proven to be the result of human error. Nuclear power is not only cheaper but it is also produces 50,000,000 more times the power than fossil fuels!!

  • Pursue nuclear energy

    Nuclear energy should absolutely be pursued as a form of alternative energy to help sustain our country. It is definitely something that needs to be heavily regulated and disposed of properly to not harm humans or the environment, but it would be a great energy course for all of the citizens.

  • Yes, it should be

    When it goes wrong, it goes pretty wrong. No doubting that. That clouds people's impressions of the energy source, it's actually a very clean and safe one. It could be even safer if it got researched further, but that's not going to happen because any time somebody mentions it the citizens freak out.

  • Nuclear Energy Is Clean

    I believe it is important to pursue nuclear energy because we need to find alternative to our current forms of energy, especially those that burn fossil fuels. If handled properly, nuclear energy is a very clean and efficient energy that could possible help us lower utility bills and stop harming the environment as much.

  • Getting rid of Nuclear Waste

    Nuclear Energy may seem like it would be a great source of energy, and sure it is the most efficient and powerful way. But what are we going to do once we've wrecked our earth so much that we have to look for a new planet?! We don't even know how to dispose of Nuclear Energy waste!

  • Don't Pursue Nuclear Energy

    We shouldn't pursue nuclear energy at this point in time because we can't handle the nuclear waste. Various countries have proven over the years that they cannot properly dispose of nuclear waste. The penalty of doing so includes extreme environmental damage. Therefore, we should forget about nuclear energy for now.

  • I don’t think that nuclear energy should ever be pursued.

    I don’t think that nuclear energy should ever be pursued. I think that nuclear energy is far too
    dangerous to be used by human beings. We
    should focus on alternative energy so that we are less dependent on oil and
    nuclear energy. Biodiesel would probably
    be the best investment at this time.

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