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  • Yes, nuclear power should be banned.

    Yes, nuclear power is a risky power source. The risk is too high and it is not worth its power. The possibility of something bad happening due to trying to harness nuclear power could be devastating. Nuclear power may be clean on the output, but what it takes in the plant could be a catastrophe.

  • Nuclear power should be banned.

    Nuclear power should be banned. The health risks from using it alone is so bad that we need to stop using it for our power. In the technology that we have available to us today there are better methods to producing electricity than to have to be using nuclear power.

  • Vary low risk

    Even though nuclear facilities can be extremely dangerous the risk of something like the chrnyoble incident is highly unlikely one of the only reasons the chrnyoble incident even happened was because the people who ran the facility did not repair the coolers leading to the core exploding (and the U. S. S. R kept it secret for some time that it was broken) and modern facilities make it even less likely to happen

  • No, I don't think nuclear power should be banned.

    I think nuclear power is a great source of energy however I think there needs to be strict regulations and safety precautions when dealing with nuclear energy, I think overall that as long as the proper protocols are followed that nuclear energy is a cheap and very efficient method of providing electricity.

  • Nuclear power is needed

    Nuclear power is one of the safest, best way to get the energy needs necessary for this country. We should expand and build more nuclear power plants so this country does not have to rely on any foreign oil that supplies evil regimes with money. Nuclear energy is a great idea.

  • No, nuclear power should not be banned.

    I do not believe that nuclear power should be banned. I think that some countries should be able to have the ability to possess the power of nuclear capabilites. I think that some countries however should not be able to have it such as rogue nations like North Korea and Iran.

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