• I say yes

    Many people are using fossil fuels and are causing pollution.

    No one even cares about you killing the earth.

    I DO.

    Nuclear energy can save the earth and can be made by tiny amounts of uranium. So use nuclear and other renewable sources to make the earth a better place

  • Please stop the fear-mongering

    Okay, most nuclear reactors rely on Uranium-235 (an isotope) and fission. An Uranium-235 atom absorbs a neutron making the new Uranium-236 atom very unstable, which causes critical mass and a critical chain reaction, which breaks U-236 into Kr-92 and Ba-141, releasing neutrons. Most of the fuel rods absorb the neutrons, and modern-day cooling systems can keep the reactors maintained even damaged. Significant damage would usually result in the reactor shutting off. Nuclear reactors don't "explode", but rather meltdown from failing cooling systems and the release of radioactive materials, but this is very very rare. The Fukushima incident happened due to a very powerful tsunami, along with the location of the reactor being in a poor spot. Nuclear waste and storage won't be affecting large amounts of land, as most of it is concentrated underground or stored properly. Thorium-based reactors will give less waste, along with shorter half-lives. Besides, coal and oil cause much more pollution (combustion), and are only cheaper because of their abundance today. So, stop it with all this fear-mongering you media and politicians!

  • More of a yes than a no.

    Yes, because it's a quick short term solution for commercial and public use. Imagine the things many wouldn't be able do today without nuclear power, and it's a lot. Then a no, concerning the legal allegations of it's use for fear, authority and control.

    As quoted from Spiderman, "With great power comes great responsibility." Are we really going to be held accountable for responsibly using and disposing nuclear power? Can we truly believe without a doubt that it's for the betterment of humankind and not just a nation? Nope. We can't. What I believe we can agree on is it makes living a whole lot easier knowing that we have a energy source to rely on.

    It's like playing with a double edged sword. Great to use but still dangerous to use.

  • Nuclear Fission is a viable stopgap to safer alternatives.

    We're fast approaching the point where dependency on fossil fuels as a primary source of energy will no longer be economical. Alternative energy like solar, wind, tidal, hydrogen all have either limitations or are presently energy inefficient. And fusion is in it's infancy. Fission provides are perfect middle ground to meet much of our energy demand while alternatives are improved and developed. Most fears concerning fission are the radiation. However, examples like the Chernobyl Reactor in Pripyat are the result of severely poor education and massive management failure. The Fukushima Daiichi disaster was severely blown out of proportion by sensationalist media. Fission plants are built from the ground up to prevent leaks even under the conditions of extreme weather.

    Fission is safe in intelligent hands. If we stop fission now, we may lose on new means of storing, and combating the radiation risks.

  • Nuclear Energy is Safe and Clean, and a better use for nuclear technology.

    I fail to see why people think it's ok for a country to won nuclear weapons but not Nuclear Power. A nuclear weapon is designed to blow up while a nuclear power plane is designed not to blow up. These days our technologies surrounding nuclear power have advanced to the point where there is almost no waste or chance of meltdown.

  • Nuclear energy is good

    Nuclear energy is used today to power many cities, and is relatively safe, with the only main concern being the possibility of radiation, which is rare and only happens if uneducated people are using it, or when disposing of the spent fuel cells, which have recently been giving places to be disposed, it is very effecient as well

  • No it shouldn't

    It has already caused too many death world wide one well known one was Hiroshima in japan when it was bombed. It was so destructive that the whole city died in flames. Would you like that to happen to your city? What if that was your family in Hiroshima?
    By jovial

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