• To maintain a round shape of a dough we need water, the flour and outside condition which include moisture, air and pressure

    To maintain the shape of earth????? Which is rotating and circling the sun????...Uranium is a vital composition to maintain the earth shape..We will be the one who cause doomsday if we do not stop digging it out. In the name of God, The Omnipotent, The One who creates everything, you, me and others...Seen or unseen...Feeling of sympathy and love..STOP this!!!...We have enough renewable energy to cater for our needs, hydropower, solar, gravitational energy, biomass, human and animals extracts...And if we stop moderning our earth and be like the old self before the first pollution starts...Even better...Or at least we should let anybody practice it!!! Perhaps, the modern society may learn real humane values from them.

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  • Countries should prohibit the production of nuclear power.

    Every nuclear power reactor makes massive amounts of radioactive waste, which can cause cancer. People who worked as part of the clean up crew after the Chernobyl accident in April of 1986 had an increased risk of getting leukemia. Also, out of the 6.5 million people that lived in the contaminated areas around Chernobyl, children and adolescents exposed to radiation had an increased risk of developing thyroid cancer.

  • Please stop using this terrible thing

    These things can cause mass destruction and cause global health problems! We can use wint turbines or Water generators powered by the flow of water down a stream or lake, etc. I think this also pollutes lots of things too like water perhaps. Anyway a we should just stop using nuclear power plants!

  • Chernobyl Fukushima what other supposedly plants wont melt down?

    What about terror attacks on the Plant it self its not worth the Radiation risks to the countries the inhabited area the Earth cant take any more radiation we are facing radiation in the Pacific ocean already and the area Chernobyl has radiated, We as people need to stop before it gets worse.

  • No nuclear energy

    We need to stopeu using nuclear energy. It is slowly destroying our geography, our rivers and our physical and mental health. If we continue we will have nothing but darkness left in this world. Is this really what you want. The only way that we can save our planet is by not using nuclear power plants!!

  • Stop this nonsense

    Japan has enough unused renewable sources of energy (small hydro, biomass, solar, geothermal, etc.) as well as an enormous potential for reducing electricity needs. Every building is so energy-INefficient as one can only imagine. The energy waste in Japan is gigantic. As long as all citizens remain uninformed and everybody keeps using air conditioners at full power there will be no solution. The producing industry, transport and trade must set and fullfill its targets, but people must also be forced to think differently. The technology is available, financing is not a problem. Nuclear power is just "simple and easy" and everybody can go back to business as usual. This is short-sighted and disastrous in the long run, just because nobody is committed to go out of the confort-zone. This is not to blame only on the politicians: what they do is their job, but citizens have also a huge respnsability, which they are not even aware of. What is most shameful is the complete apathy of the people. Some in the producing industry (which everybody usually blames) is trying to reduce the use of electrical power, but that is not enough. Do we have to wait until the next disaster to rethink the way we "do energy"?

  • Why have they not been stopped?

    Is everyone in the world that stupid? There is always going to be tornado, earthquake, tsunami that WILL make the reactors BLOW. Once they blow you CANT contain them and stop them.

    I dont believe in the end of the world as an apocalypse but I believe this could. Ridiculous

  • More waste! Honestly what are we doing to this planet!

    Just because we think we need more energy, why use something that produce extra waste that needs to be kept safe for over 100 years? Nuclear energy isn't clean, so don't think that it is. Currently, all that nuclear power is a waste of money and our tax dollars. Why not harness some more clean energy like the sun, wind and waves. All nuclear power is is dirty, dangerous and expensive!

  • Japan's China Syndrome !!!

    Do we really need to say anymore, really though. Hundreds of tons of gallons of radioactive waste dumped back into the ocean everyday since reactor number 3 melt down. There goes the Pacific Ocean and not to mention the fuel rods melting through Japans crust and right down to the earths' core. Does anybody even know what will happen when that approaches? Countless numbers of Japans population down with leukemia from thyroid destruction. But I hear their government is handling it quite well. They are telling their people not to worry that the radiation is not harmful and to smile, not to mention they will get shot if they try to get outside help . USA west coast is next and isn't interesting that our media isn't covering it. Maybe our government will tell the west coast to smile to and not to worry. WE HAVE TO GET THE WORD OUT TO STOP ALL NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS AND THEN ACCESS THE DAMAGE BECAUSE ALL OF THE POWER PLANTS ARE LEAKING AND ARE ON FAULT LINES. Accidents waiting to happen. Get the word out and tell congress what you know before it's to late. Please!!!

  • No, We Are Not Ready For That

    Maybe in time we can completely convert to using things like solar, hydroelectric, wind, geothermal, even hydrogen but that's not now. Nuclear power can be safe if it is used very carefully. Safety standards should vigorously monitored and enforced. The potential risks in terms of hurricanes and earthquakes and other potential disasters should also be considered and the plant secured firmly against a meltdown even in the worst case scenario.
    For now we should be making new nuclear power plants not dismantling the ones we already have. What anti-nuclear activists never consider is that when a nuclear plant isn't built typically they will build a coal plant. A nuclear plant is clean as long as there is never a meltdown. A coal plant is dirty no matter what and can lead to people getting diseases from its pollutants. It's simply unacceptable to expose innocent people to pollutants against their will. Coal should be banned, not nuclear.

  • Any power is harmful

    The amount of power that is used by humans is unatural. There is not a single method to make power that does not effect the enviornment. Nuclear power is the steadiest source of power that exist at this point. Until a method of creating power matches nuclear power that does not effect the enviornment as much, nuclear is our best bet

  • Nuclear power is an important part of the national electrical grid.

    It is not technically feasible to replace the electricity that nuclear power supplies with another source at this time. Solar power is expensive and is a very small percentage of the national power supply of electricity. Wind power shows more promise but cannot generate electricity on calm days. You need a steady supply of power, and nuclear power fills that demand right now.

    Posted by: ddeathnote
  • We would lose so much of our energy

    Nuclear power accounts for nearly 17% of the world's energy!, If we try and remove it we will likely have many people angry. France for example 77% of their energy is derived from nuclear power, yet they have one of the cleanest environments in the world. If we stop using nuclear power we will lose the ability to make more discoveries, the power sustains most of the plants where life changing things are discovered. Some medical thing also come from nuclear reactors, Cobalt-60 for example it is used to help treat cancer patients. For these reasons I think that it is crucial that we keep nuclear reactors in the world.

  • It's good though

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  • Nuclear Power is Cleanest

    From what I've seen, nuclear power is our best bet for a power source. While it's dangerous, it is the most efficient. Over time we should stop using it, but only when other clean energy sources are sufficient for our planet's needs. Until then, let's use this tool we've got.

  • Aren't they all unsafe

    Fossil fuel is hard to get out and that is our main source of energy and its dangerous to get it. When we get we are hurting the environment why isn't anyone questioning them but no this one is way more danger and yes you might say we are using fossil fuel cause we have no alternative what happens when we run out of fossil fuel the what?? Instead of dismissing it lets try to figure out a way to make it safe and less hazardous to the world.

  • Any other alternatives?

    Unless you're going to try to argue with me on this with solar and wind energy as our savior for energy, you better think twice about dropping the use of nuclear energy. It's not as dangerous as some people advocate about it. I'm all for it, unless we can come up with more alternatives besides solar and wind energy.

  • We do need it

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  • They can kill life and animals including people and we need animals and people to

    We need to stop power plats because , they can lead to disater and death and people and also poulit the airand people should not alow them because they can also kill what everybody loves mother nature and it life souce it the best thing that cna happen to the owrld

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