• The way of nuclear fusion(thorium) is good and a lot less harmful to the normal nuclear.

    One tone of thorium could provide for 3,500,000 tones worth of energy and would be less dangerous compared to the other because the waste produces by thorium are lesser than the common one and would biodegrade in 10-100 years compared to the more common one which would biodegrade in 10-1000 years.SO WE CAN ALLOW NUCLEAR POWER STATIONS BUT JUST USE THE NUCLEAR FUSION ONES!!!!!!!!!!

  • Um... Ya mum

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  • If properly regulated and monitored nuclear power stations are tremendously beneficial.

    While nuclear power does have serious potential risks, a complete ban on nuclear power stations is not necessary or desirable. When properly regulated and monitored nuclear energy has great benefits such as producing large amounts of energy with no carbon emissions. A ban on building nuclear power stations in earthquake or other natural disaster prone areas might be sensible.

  • Nuclear Power Stations Should Be Allowed

    Yes, nuclear power stations should be allowed. Though there have been terrible accidents in places like Fukushima and Chernobyl, on a whole, nuclear power is the safest form of power generation that there presently is. It also produces the least amount of waste. Therefore, nuclear power stations should be allowed.

  • In Secure Areas

    I believe that nuclear power stations should be allowed. I believe it is important for nuclear stations to be placed in areas that are relatively safe from attack from foreign enemies. Secondly, I think it would be best to place these power stations where people accept them or at least a large margin of the near by population can agree they want them there.

  • Nuclear power stations should be allowed.

    When it comes down to it the United States would have a very hard time generating power if they did not have nuclear power stations.The key to it all is safety.As long as the directors of the stations are careful and follow appropriate procedures then they should not have any problem at all with their stations.

  • Nuclear Power is a Good Alternative to Fossil Fuels

    The world needs more power for industry. Yet it also needs to avoid adding
    to greenhouse gases. Burning fossil fuels like coal or even relatively clean
    natural gas adds to the greenhouse gases that endanger the world. The rising
    seas that come with climate change are threatening millions on populous coasts
    and in island nations. Nuclear power is dangerous, too. It has killed and
    polluted in well-known ways. However, we must be in favor of nuclear power
    because it does not add greenhouse gases to the atmosphere.

  • Say NO to nuclear

    Our Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull has announced plans to extend the Snowy River Hydro-electric scheme. This job will produce just as many jobs as a nuclear power-plant but it would be a safer environment. Can you see it yet? It just isn't worth the risk. . . . . .

  • No dice word

    They are very dangerous to us and our environment and stay around fro thousands of years but companies manufacturing them do not take into consideration the long term effects and costs a nuclear plant may encounter later on down the road. There are many more reasons why nuclear energy should be allowed but I don't have all day.

  • Nuclear power causes humanitarian crises and is unrenewable

    Not only will uranium reserves run out in the same way that fossil fuel reserves will, but nuclear power has the capability to cause huge environmental and humanitarian damage. Chrenobyl and Fukushima illustrate this and yet worse disasters could be yet to come. Although the probability of another disaster on the same scale is small, why take the risk, particularly when it is still unsustainable and produces dangerous toxic waste which can't be disposed of easily without still posing a risk to the Earth and people.

  • They should not be allowed.

    Nuclear energy should not be allowed because it is very dangerous and could kill thousands of people. Also, it damages the earth and is bad for the environment. We should use renewable energy because they can't kill any one and is safe. Also, they won't harm the earth and yet still produce energy.

  • Nuclear power stations should not be allowed.

    Nuclear power stations should not be allowed. They are a danger to the environment and to the people that are around them. They are very expensive to operate and the materials to produce nuclear energy is dangerous to mine for. I think there are better alternatives with the technology that we have these days.

  • No. I do not believe nuclear power stations should be allowed.

    No. I do not believe nuclear power stations should be allowed, because I don't believe anything nuclear should exist in any capacity. Why would we as human being create something that could destroy us so easily. Nuclear weapons only serve one purpose, and the is to kill, or destroy. Also nuclear power presents the same risks. We should not allow that.

  • No they are dangerous.

    Nuclear power stations should not be allowed because of how powerful and extremely dangerous they are. They create a hazardous work environment for the people who have to maintain it and look after it while also creating a big hazardous place near cities and people that are living nearby or in that area.

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