Should nuclear waste be stored underound (yes) or in outer space (no)?

  • Why i think nuclear waste should be stored in underground containers

    Yes, if we store nuclear waste underground it can get into our groundwater system. But if we put it in space, we are at risk of getting it into our orbit then falling down on us and that in my opinion is why i think we should store nuclear waste in containers underground in tanks in the desert

  • Sending nuclear waste into space is not realistic.

    Nuclear waste is very heavy! Depleted uranium is just about the densest thing known to man - hence why we use it in armour piercing shells. Sending it into space would be great - if we could build a rocket powerful and cheap enough to fire it into outer space, out of earth's orbit and away from possible collision; but that is just not possible at the moment. Properly stored underground, nuclear waste is perfectly safe.

  • Here on Earth

    As long as the nuclear waste is under the ground and well kept in special containers, there is no reason to send it to outer space. It would be waaay to expensive to put the waste on a rocket and send it to space. As I said, as long it is well contained it should be fine

  • Not in outerspace.

    I do not think that it would be a good idea to store nuclear waste in outer space. I think this would be expensive and cause many problems. We already have problems with satellites falling to earth, I can't imagine a bunch of nuclear waste falling to earth. No we should keep it on earth.

  • It should be stored in neither

    In reality nuclear waste should not be stored neither in space or underground. Both of these areas can cause issues in the future. In the ground it can contaminate the ground water and other ground resources. In space, it my find its way back into our atmosphere. Either way, it is bad, but if I had to chose, I would most like say store it in outer space.

  • There is less risk in outer space.

    Nuclear waste should be scored in outer space, because it will not be a problem for us if the nuclear waste is far enough away that it cannot hurt us at all. If the waste can be sent outside of the earth's atmosphere, it is not even space junk at that point. There would be no risk to us at all.

  • Store Nuclear Waste in Space

    Without a doubt, we should store nuclear waste in outer space rather than underground. We have shown a complete lack of ability to store waste underground properly. If we can find an alternative involving space, then we should utilize that option immediately. It's a safer and more simple solution after all.

  • Underground Waste can Leak, Especially with Seismic Activity. Nuclear Waste that Falls Will Burn Up, Be Highly Dissipated.

    Often enough, the problem for hazardous waste storage underground is not that of uncovering the stash, it is in seismic activity rupturing said stash, allowing for the radiation and other hazards to leak out. If the leak is near an aquifer, this could endanger a large portion of the planet, as water is one of the best ways for radiation to be transmitted and the aquifer would feed numerous outlets, both mad-made and natural.
    For places like California and Japan, storing nuclear waste underground would cause a potential disaster due to high seismic activity, but this issue may not be a problem for places like Kansas. Without seismic activity to rupture it, the waste simply ends. However, the argument still stands that outer-space is a better place than underground for storage of these materials. If the objects were to fall from orbit, they would simply burn in the atmosphere and the harmful effects would be dissipated. Outer-space disposal is not a good option, but it is a better option than underground.

  • Ideally Outer Space

    I believe, if it is possible, it would be far better to store or dispose of nuclear waste in outer space. If we could develop this process I am sure it could be sent in the proper path to destruction, which would be the best option. Unfortunately, storing it underground, doesn't ensure that it will never be uncovered in the future.

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