• Yes, nobody wants them.

    The main reason is its potential for harm and destruction, given the fact that effects are disease and death. If a state nukes another, then the state bomb will explode, thereby setting a chain reaction of explosion till nothing remains. Please destroy the bomb, this is not what God made us to do. We are all family, we should be helping each other, not trying to destroy one another. Nobody wants this at all. God doesn't want it, Jesus doesn't want, it the Holy Ghost doesn't want it, nobody wants it, so we should destroy and ban all nuke weapons immediately. Screw those who say no, they are the devil in disguise. God bless the world, and I hope for the best for the world. By the way, I am only 13 years old.

  • If nuclear is abolished, It will create world peace.

    If all the nuclear weapons in the world were abolished we would create a more peaceful world. The argument that only rouge nations would have them is completely invalid because why do you think other nations are building nukes? Because the United States has over 2,000!! North Korea and Iran are making one and we are freaking out. Look at it from their point of view, there is a foriegn country that has 2,000 nukes and is threatening your way of life, so all you want is to try and protect yourself. If we disable our nukes, other countries will see no threat and disable theirs as well.

  • .

    Nuclear weapons are called weapons of MASS DESTRUCTION for a reason. They're weapons that destroy everything in mass, they don't aim. Nuclear weapons don't pick and chose what gets wiped out and what doesn't, they simply destroy everything. As humans we get into conflicts over petty reason however we all still share living on this planet equally. Our conflicts are between us and only us, nature could care less about religion, politics & and countrol of natural resources. That being said the fallout from nuclear radiation affects nature. Take the case of Japan, okay they surrendered but now what? The people of those areas have been affected from a couple generations now of a conflict most people in the world will only experience through historical text and movies. It turns zones unhabitable at least by human standards, Chernobyl and the Red Forest is a huge example of that.

    Nobody truthfully wins with nuclear weapons, there's no winner.

  • Yes nuclear weapons are world threatening.

    I'm 13 why do we need so many nuclear weapons the extinction of the human race is in nuclear bombs hands United States itself has enough nukes to destroy the earth. I think we should destroy all nuclear weapons. North Korea, us, France, Russia and many other places have nuclear why so many there no need for that many earth threatening weapons many years later earth would soon be a super continent again and were so close and a nuke would kill many innocent people while its the government fighting. As hippie as it sounds I think there should be a global government so everybody has a say.

  • If nuclear weapons remain on the earth, we're all going to die, so they need to go.

    The world needs to stop making nuclear weapons because the day will come when someone launches one and the world ends. We don't even need one small enough to kill a portion of the world. We simply don't need them at all. Small, light weapons are enough for soldiers, and I simply don't understand why we keep trying to make bigger, more powerful nuclear weapons.

  • All nuclear weapons are good for is killing.

    I think we are all familiar with the definition of ‘nuclear weapons’ and ‘nuclear war’ but lots of people argue whether they are good or bad. I’m here to say that nuclear weapons have a catastrophic effect on society. We all know that nuclear weapons have been used two times, on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, so why couldn't they be used again. There are about 27,000 nukes in the world, enough to wipe mankind out three times over. Chernobyl❊ and Red Forest are both huge examples of what could happen if a country chooses to launch a nuclear weapon. Nuclear weapons also cause cancer. The bombing on Japan should be enough. Someday though, America will know they should've destroyed the nuclear bomb but it will be too late. I'm 10 and awesome. :p

  • Climate

    Imagine how much we've already destroyed ourselves, I think we'll do fine soon. I think people get a clearer idea about how much we are actually hurting the world with global warming. Nuclear weapons should be here, but not to be used against the Earth or it's population. I believe it's about time we have a democratic saying in this.

  • For the safety of mankind and the planet, anything this destructive should be abolished and current stockpiles destroyed.

    Over the decades since World War II, the Soviet Union and the United States were the primary developers and possessors of nuclear weapons. Now, many other countries have stockpiles of these, the ultimate destructive device. Only the United States has used any of its arsenal. Study the devastating and lasting effects that these early and quite weak weapons had. Now think of the much more powerful weapons and the potential for wiping out life on this planet, and any sane person should come to the conclusion that they need to be abolished and existing nuclear weapons destroyed.

    Posted by: 54IInferno
  • Nuclear weapons should be abolished because if one does launch, the end of the world is indeed near.

    I believe that nuclear weapons should be abolished because in a case where one does launch, by accident or on purpose, the end of the world could be near. Before, the atomic bomb did so much damage to Japan, but Japan did not retaliate and send one an atomic bomb over to the US for revenge. The nuclear weapons available today will devastate whole countries to a point where no life can exist. The aftermath of Chernobyl were horrible because people for many decades after were born with deformities.

    Posted by: N34rIyGaIv
  • Nuclear weapons should be abolished because they no longer serve as a deterrent to war.

    Nuclear weapons should be abolished simply because they are no longer the threat that they used to be at the time of their inception - nearly every country in the world either possesses a nuclear weapon or is the close ally of a nation that does. Nuclear weapons currently pose more of a threat as a tool of disaster by accident than by war.

    Posted by: ThegaXen
  • What about Russia and China

    You fools, the moment we abolish our nuclear weapons, Russia and China will be like hawks and look down on our arrogance. Without nukes, we lose our power. And about Japan, had we launched a ground invasion, we would have lost half a million men to a whole island of warriors fighting to the death.

  • Fighting back

    If we were to abolish all of our nuclear programs it only takes one rouge country like North Korea or Pakistan to launch some at us and eliminate us or any other country. Also once we would disarm them other countries like China and Russia would be watching us closer than ever before. If even 1 is launched at us we are screwed.

  • No, no, no.

    If terrorists layed their hands on nukes, you could imagine what would happen. Its a much more peaceful world without this nuclear bullshit. It just ruins and kills innocent lives, war isn´t much better ~ sometimes, people are forced to join the army by the government in the times of need. Just ban nukes!

  • No they shouldn't.

    Nuclear weapons are the main reason we haven't had a world war 3, and no other major war since 1945. Many people think that nukes will be the end of the world, and it makes sense why they would think that, but if we destroyed our nuclear weapons, do you really think that Afghanistan, and other foreign countries that are itching for power really would?

  • We need to defend the world.

    Why? Just Why? Because it will bring less harm to innocent people? No. If America gets rid of nuclear bombs what would then stop North Korea and Kim-Jong Un from taking over the whole entire world? The answer is nothing. Without nukes in countries such as the U.S. How would we be able to defend the people of our country?

  • Simple

    Its really simple, just with the issue with weapons (which i support rights to bear arms). if you take away the good guys weapons, who is left with the nukes? the bad guys because they being the bad guys obviously wont follow global nuclear weapon elimination. keep the nukes. If a country is dumb enough to attack the us , good luck because its the world vs them.

  • Threaten to other country

    Growing threat not only on the nine countries with nuclear weapons (US, Russia, UK, France, China, Israel, India, Pakistan and North Korea) but to the innocent bystander countries as well. There are approximately 26,000 nuclear warheads in the world, enough to destroy the world five times over.
    The threat or use of nuclear weapons has been declared generally legal by the World countries, so these weapons actually going to keep anyone any safer.

  • Simple

    Its very simlpe, its the same as taking away firearms. if you abolish nuclear weapons only the bad guys will have them. and no country in the world could take on the us or russia. its to much money and time to dismantle every nuke in the world. keep them.

  • nukes

    if we get rid of nukes we will just have them be replaced by other types of weapons that kill even more people like when we got the atomic bomb we upgraded that to the hydrogen bomb so when people lose those there will be a brand new weapon that will be there to replace that

  • Should not be abolished....

    The nuclear weapons should not be abolished as they are a big source of world's peace. All the super powers of the world have nuclear weapons and if they are not using it then its only because they know that others have them too. I mean come on who the hell do not want to be all and all in the whole world. So if someone finds a way today to destroy other countries who won't ??? !!!

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Anonymous says2013-04-16T16:40:21.870
If we all could agree to abolish nuclear warheads and other weapons of mass destruction the world we live in would drastically change over night. The human race will no longer be afrade of when the next war when a country threatens to nuke out country. We allonly have one planet to live on unfortunatly and we have a duty to care and look after it rather than neglect. There are too many issues in the world to worry about one more thing.
alexys.hawkins says2014-05-19T21:12:32.560
We all need to stop thinking about ourselves as countries,because we are not were from the planet earth a whole!! Yes we will have disagreements but we have to work around them if we all abolish the existence of nuclear weapons there will be no fear of the next war. When using these weapons we are killing thousands yet also destroying the world that we live in here our home !
MayorLamor says2016-08-22T09:20:13.317
I'm really scared by American strong reliance on nuclear weapons. The fact they were heady enough to blast the first nukes over Japanese densely populated cities still looks monstrous imo!
Now they are doing even more scaring, set to deploy nukes in post-communist states, sort of Romania and other.
I fear their next step may be nukes in Arctic zone or close to it. Why not? There was some American project to deploy nukes in Iceland which threatened to drop NATO then and they didn't do it, thanks Lord.

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