Should nutritional supplements be a part of legitimate chiropractic care?

  • Some issues stem from the lacking of nutrients

    Yes, if the chiropractic issues are stemming from the lack of certain supplements, then the supplements should be a part of the chiropractic care. Some people may not receive the appropriate amount of a certain substances, such as calcium or Vitamin D and this may play a part in their back problems. Nutritional supplements may help to stop or cure ailments that are associated with the lack of a nutrients from an individuals diet.

  • It can build bones.

    Yes, nutritional supplements should be a part of legitimate chiropractic care, because chiropractic care cannot simply be about cracking joints. A whole person needs to be treated in order to have good care for the back and other joints. Using nutrition to make the joints and bones stronger can do a lot to provide good care.

  • Nutritional supplements can be dangerous

    There is not a one size fits all answer to correcting nutrition. Liver, kidney, and thyroid function play a role in how each person's body breaks down, metabolizes, and utilizes what goes into it including food, drugs, supplements, and even water. Too much or too little can be dangerous depending on each individual.

  • It doesn't match

    When I think of going to a chiropractor, I think of going to get your spine back in alignment. I don't really think about nutritional supplements and other welness items. I think that nutritional supplements should be part of an aresenal of a primary care physicial in order to keep patients healthy.

  • Nutritional supplements should not be a part of legitimate chiropractic care.

    Chiropractic care should not involve nutritional supplements. Although taking vitamins can be beneficial for a person's health, it has nothing to do with the alignment of their back bones. The administration of vitamins should be left to nutritional specialists. People should go to specialists for every one of their heal problems.

  • Chriopratic Care Barely Legitimate

    I do not believe nutritional supplements should be part of chiropractic care. To me, chiropractic care is barely legitimate and it wouldn't hold any weight at all if some people didn't praise their services. I do not believe they should add nutritional supplements because many doctors have indicated that these supplements are even necessary.

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