• A crowded city like NYC is not a suitable place to keep horses.

    The horses of NYC are not living as they should be. They spend too much hours in crowded streets breathing city air. When their shifts are over, they are stalled in buildings that are not suitable for horses, with no emergency exits, in stalls so small that they cannot move around or lay down. Many of these horses rarely see a vet and have problems with their articulations due to the hard ground that they step on all day without the proper shoes. These problems can be extremely painful.

    I think that horse carriages should be banned from NYC, and replaced by electric cars and public bikes. It works in Paris, so why not NYC? These horses should be given a good life in a field, away from the city and it's cars.

  • If they would stop the horse carriage rides, the people will have no incentive to care for the horses.

    Carriage horses are domesticated animals that need humans to take care of them. They were bred to pull carriages. The horses currently employed were also trained to pull carriages. As long as they are treated humanely, it is okay to employ them and pay them fairly for their work as with a human employee. And the rules about treating the horses well should be enforced.

  • The horse carriages are not "inhumane" as De Blasio states.

    They have been a long tradition, very few parts of the United States contain horse carriages. If they were to be banned the horses would be treated inhumanely. De Blasio is misinformed about them. Manny animal rights activists are misinformed because there are tight regulations overseeing the carriages as well. Only horses that are willing to pull a carriage are permitted.

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