• Yes, we should act.

    Act now or many other innocent people will die. Think about that even if we do bomb Syria and Iraq that many good people will die, but if we don't act now then this could easily come to America. All children could die and adults. They want to see you suffer while the Syrians are already suffering. They are aiming for our president, Barack Obama, they will try to kill him. They will hang an Allah flag above our White House to let us know that we are now under our power. We need to do something about this now before it is too late!

  • Yes, Obama should act on Syria.

    I believe America is a blessed nation; we are the most powerful nation on the planet. With those powers come influence and responsibility. The Obama administration should have stepped in a long time ago in the Syria revolution. They should help the rebels and overthrow the oppressive regime that is killing innocent people. They are even using chemical weapons now which is against the Geneva Convention's Rules of Warfare. The administration should step in right away if they are to help prevent any more loss of innocent lives.

  • War or peace

    The world have fought enough wars and too many people have been either displaced as a result or killed. There is so much anger in this world and instead of starting wars peace should be in the minds of these war mongering American leaders who are always waging wars somewhere.

  • No. Why would he?

    The United States has no pressing interest in resolving the Syrian civil war one way or another. The United States does not have the responsibility of being the world police, popular movies notwithstanding. Intervening in this internal conflict would sacrifice more blood and treasure that the United States cannot afford to lose, and for no good reason. Have we learned nothing from Iraq and Afghanistan? Obama should stay out of Syria.

  • I feel it's time to focus on the U.S. and leave other countries to fend for themselves.

    I know that the U.S. has a lengthy reputation helping other countries, but our economy is in the proverbial toilet, we have starving, homeless people on the streets, and there are thousands without jobs and on the verge of losing their homes. It's time to focus on getting the U.S. back on track.

  • I might say yes normally, but this situation is too precarious.

    The number one issue of whether to interfere in Syria is over the consequences of those actions. Now, I would normally say yes if it is indeed true that chemical weapons have been used, especially as they have reportedly effected civilians.

    The issue at hand, though, is what will happen as a result of us going into Syria. The reaction from Iran and Russia could be quite severe, and it could easily spark World War Three.

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