Should Obama appoint Michael Bloomberg as Secretary of Treasury?

  • Bloomberg Should Be Secretary of Treasury

    I think that it would be a good idea if President Obama made Michael Bloomberg Secretary of Treasury. He is indeed qualified for the job and I think he could do it well. Bloomberg has proven himself over the years and would go above and beyond expectations for that position.

  • No, Bloomberg is a clown.

    There is no reason Bloomberg should be in power. The guy is the epitome of corruption. His human rights abuses in dealing with the Occupy Wallstreet Movement and his transformation of the NYPD into his own personal army are absolutely disgraceful. He is also an arrogant hypocrite because he locks up marijuana smokers while in fact he smoked marijuana when he was young.

  • No, Bloomberg should not be appointed

    This guy is simply an attention seeker in personal liberty liberty issues. I don't care if he was a businessman -- exactly what does anybody think he will bring to the job? There's no evidence he has expertise to lead the country in monetary policies. Perhaps he can make sure that conference room soft drinks aren't too large.

  • Obama should not appoint Michael Bloomberg to Secretary of Treasury

    President Obama should not appoint Michael Bloomberg to Secretary of Treasury because the action would destabilize New York's economy. Wall Street would not react positively and the Dow would see a drop in the hundreds. Bloomberg is needed more in New York, the capital of the world, than the District of Columbia, with is only the capital of the United States.

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