• Definitely

    While gender certainly should not come before qualifications, it seems ridiculous to say that appointing a few more women would be gender discrimination. The fact that there are only 8 women in Obama's cabinet out of 23, implies that there already was discrimination during the original selection process. Merit should always come before gender or race, but when there are so few women in the cabinet, the only alternative argument is that there are not three or four more women in the whole country capable of being appointed, which is ridiculous

  • Obama should appoint more women in his cabinet.

    As President of the United States, Barack Obama has a duty to portray the United States in the best light possible to other nations. Women make up fifty percent of the overall population, but are underrepresented in national politics. By appointing more women to his cabinet Barack Obama would be sending a powerful message that America is a nation that is fair and equal.

  • There should be a greater showing of women in Obama's cabinet

    Women make up slightly more than fifty percent of the overall population. The United States cabinet in particular, and most leadership positions in particular, are dramatically skewed to include women as only a minority of the total number of cabinet members, senators, and governors. So Obama should include more women in his cabinet if only to allow an equal and fair representation of the United States population as a whole.

  • Gender doesn't matter; merit does matter.

    Gender doesn't matter. Women aren't any better than men. The people elected to Obama's cabinet should be based on MERIT, not on gender. Don't be sexist against men, just as you would not be sexist against women. I'm so sick of affirmative action for people who don't deserve it.

  • If they are qualified.

    As the person below me mentioned, qualifications are exceedingly more important then gender. If more women are qualified for Obama's cabinet positions, then by all means. However, just because they are women, or black, or Hispanic, or whatever, does not give them more reason to be in the cabinet. Qualified individuals transcend race or sexuality.

  • Qualifications are More Important Than Gender

    No, Obama should only appoint those people to his cabinet that have the knowledge and experience to run a particular department. That is not to say that there are not women who may possess these qualifications, but to hire anyone for any position solely on the basis of demographic characteristics (in this case gender) is to deny someone else a chance who may be better qualified to perform the functions of departmental head.

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