• We claim to be better than this

    I read the particulars of the case (Wikipedia is quite good on the topic, and The Guardian periodically visits the topic) and was struck by how out of time it seemed. The UK behaved like this in the 18th and 19th centuries, and while I abhor what was done then I understand that it was a different time. But we're still doing this today, when we claim to stand for democracy and the rights of those who want to be free. Shame on us.

  • For Peace in the World

    1) For Peace in the World.
    2) For a Universal Concept of Justice.
    3) Because no one of these leaders can compare him/herself to God.
    4) Because emulating Satan is not a wise way to defeat evil.
    5) Because it is just.
    6) Love is Peace, Life, contagious, and beautiful.

    Posted by: GJM
  • America shares responsibility for past and present wrongs to the Chagossians.

    When military expediency is allowed to trump the moral principles on which America was founded, it undermines America's moral authority, and ultimately decreases her security in the long run. Whilst Obama cannot reverse past wrongs, he can prevent their perpetuation. All attempts to abdicate responsibility to the UK are transparent evasions; the truth is, the UK would have few reasons to prevent a resolution favourable to the Chagossians if the US did not require that the islands continue to remain uninhabited for the protection of other morally unsanitary military secrets. It is also likely that such a move by Obama would allow a pragmatic solution to be found; conceivably one that returns sovereignty to Mauritius, allows the Chagossians to return home, and allows the US to keep their base (albeit with less license to violate international law).

  • Yes, the Chagossians deserve US support to get home.

    The Chagossians were removed from one of their native islands for a reason that no longer applies. The base on Diego Garcia could remain there, open and functional, while still allowing the native Chagossians the opportunity to return home. The native peoples should never have been removed, and while we can't erase what was done, I believe it is our responsibility to admit our error and move forward, supporting their return.

  • It's Long Overdue

    The Chagos Islands had been settled by the Chagossians for several generations. It was their home, and they were forced out by the combined deals of the US and UK for a cold war-era military base even though there was plenty of room to have the base without exiling anybody. The Chagossian people should not only be allowed to return home but small-scale fishing by the Chagossians should be allowed as that will not upset the ecosystem. To compensate for any effects on the environment they can prohibit outsiders including US and UK military personnel from fishing. Even if we were to keep the base there is plenty of room for them to return and it will be easier to get civilian employees for the base without having to import foreigners.
    We may not hear about this much in our own media, but people in other parts of the world are aware and it affects our international reputation and hence ability to be effective on the international stage. If we want to stay a superpower we need to let the Chagossians back home. There are many problems in this world and the US should take a stance as leader when it can, but we can't do that when nobody gives us moral credibility. It's time to reverse the decline of our foreign policy clout by showing we actually care about human beings.

  • No, this is not a role he needs to fill.

    Why would we want the president to get involved with something that is clearly not the business of the USA? This would be the equivalent of Britain asking the USA to honor all the treaties broken with the natives, while settlers were expanding out west. Not to mention, dictating to people is not a very diplomatic approach to the world.

  • He should not.

    It really is not any business of the president of the USA to ask Britain to do much of anything. He needs to worry about our own problems here in the USA before he goes around and tells other countries what he thinks they should or should not do, I say.

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