• Impeach Obama Now

    President Obama has violated the Constitution over and over again:

    -He didn't get Congress's approval in the attack on Libya, which violates Article II Section 4

    -He violated Article 1, Section 9, Clause 8 of the Constitution by accepting rotating status as chairman of the UN Security Council

    -Ignored Congressional rejection of cybersecurity bill and has stated he will pursue an executive order

    -Signed into Law the National Defense Authorization Act, which is in violation of Habeas Corpus

    -He has clearly communicated his intent to issue an executive order against the 2nd Amendment

    -He has violated his oath in supplying American enemies funds in Syria

    -He has violated federal law by overseeing the coverup of Operation Fast and Furious

    -He lied to Americans in regard to the Benghazi attack

    -He declared war on America's coal industry

    -He violated the Constitution's Takings and Due Process Clause

    -He violated Article II of the Constitution by signing statements as part of his executive usurpation of power

    Obviously not only is his impeachment in order but he also needs to be tried for treason.

    Ignorance by Americans is not acceptable. Educate yourselves and learn what is really going on in the government.

  • He is not really a safe leader and a man of self interest

    US Presidents in the past were impeached for less blatant crimes than this tyrant. However, the US citizens are immoral and cowardly to stand for justice and the American way. President Obama is not a leader of our country, but rather, a leader for world domination and his insane notions of world peace.

  • Yes, he does

    He does need to be impeached. Because, he is a horrible president and it is not right to put the American people through this! If we go through this any longer... One of the surrounding countries are sure to come in and attempt to take our wonderful free country! :(

  • Without a doubt, impeached, tried for treason

    I mean all of this. His attempt to launch us into war with Syria was a violation of Constitutional and International law. At no time should American personnel, treasure or weapons be supplied to a fight that does not directly relate to the security of our nation. Not one drop of blood should have been shed in Syria or worse, considered. Mr. Obama's willingness to bypass Congress and unilaterally strike Assad is MORE than enough reason to consider impeachment.

    In addition, Mr. Obama's vociferous support to end the right to keep and bear arms through injecting himself into the gun control debate was abysmal - especially when he stood behind the survivors of Sandy Hook, browbeating Americans into feeling guilty for a situation that was caused by a lunatic. He calls himself a Constitutional scholar and his leadership has proven him to be anything BUT a scholar in this regard.

    Patriots do not vote for, follow or obey Tyrants and Mr. Obama is the worst manifestation of tyranny in the United States since we expelled the crown.

  • On 2nd thought maybe he should

    If the United States of America gets into big trouble fiscally, then maybe it is possible for him to be impeached (or at least he deserves it). I'm not totally sure but I don't think the country has ever defaulted underneath any president's watch. If he is the 1st, he should be punished accordingly (impeached)

  • Violated the constitution

    Obama has violated the constitution so many times, broken international law and he is one of the biggest liars ever, has usurped the exclusive power of Congress to initiate war under Article I, section 8, clause 11 of the United States Constitution by unilaterally commencing war against the Republic of Libya on March 19, 2011, declaring that Congress is powerless to constrain his conduct of the war, and claiming authority in the future to commence war unilaterally to advance whatever he ordains is in the national interest.

  • Foreign policy failure

    President Obama's foreign policy has proved to be a big failure, he degraded the position of the US as a super power, gave the driving seat to Russia, severely harmed the reputation of the US abroad, failed to act on crucial Middle East issues and crises like the Syrian crisis were more than 100 thousand civilians have been killed by a ruthless regime and severely damaged the US prestige.

  • Why wouldn't we?

    Nixon was impeached for wire-tapping, why not Obama? Clinton was impeached for cheating on his wife, that lost a marriage, Obama has lost lives because of his incompetence. He has the most scandals of any president, most vacations of any president, fast and furious scandal, Benghazi cover-up, funding/arming groups linked to Al Queda, drone strikes, NSA scandal, raising unemployment, welfare/food stamps used more than ever, raised debt ceiling over $17T, racial baiting, bankrupting Detroit, trying to infringe constitutional rights, and let's not forget the government shutting down for 16 days. I understand it is not only Obama to blame because congress plays a big role in the failure of the country also but other presidents have been impeached for doing much less, why not him?

  • Yes! Yes! Do it now!

    The man has spent us into way to much debt, doesn't care about Benghazi, and wants to crush the middle class. Obama has done everything wrong, and no body seems to care. He only gets support by the liberal media, and liberals who want gay marriage. The man does not care about America, he just wants power.

  • Yes, because he violated the Constitution.

    I think he should be impeached, or someone else should be, at least. I think he should be impeached because he violated the Constitution. The Constitution is supposed to be the law of the land and nobody is supposed to be an exception. Not just one violation. Does everyone remember that Act that passed that'll force us to buy health insurance? According to the Constitution, that is, of course, unconstitutional. I only listed one here, I know.

  • On What Grounds?

    In recent years, the GOP seems to think that if a President isn't one of theirs & playing along ... They MUST be guilty of impeachment. In reality, things couldn't be farther from that. According to the Constitution, a President must commit "High Treason" to be guilty of an impeachable offense.

    Remember the millions that were wasted on investigating Bill Clinton? Remember the grand political theatre? Where did it get the GOP? Nowhere! Lying about sex, even under oath, didn't qualify as an impeachable offense. That explains why Republicans like Fred Thompson, who had actually studied the law, voted against Clinton's impeachment. There were NO grounds!

    I can't think of anything Obama has done that qualifies as high treason. The man studied Constitutional Law, at Harvard. So, he is certainly aware of what that historic document says. He is aware of what the Executive Branch can or cannot do. I'm not saying that he hasn't made a few mistakes. EVERY President has done that. But Obama has not committed high treason. In other words, there is NO basis for impeachment!

  • No... Done nothing wrong.

    Why should he? All he is trying to do is clean up the mess Bush had made. In result, Obama has been blame. Seems as though, he has NO support on decisions he make. Just cut the man some slack, he is trying. Just put yourself in his shoes for a week or two. I promise you, you would be coming running out of there. I can reassure you that, being president is not a "easy" job. Instead of just looking from one sided place, look from both.

  • No. For what?

    President Obama's undermined administration is not hardly difficult to realize it is about white bread America being so scared a half black man has 'tainted' the WHITE house. All the other rhetoric is nonsensical. I did not realize, till lately, just how ignorant, racist, and dysfunctional the American public was.

  • Of course not

    This is ridiculous. Seriously. It shows how just how severe the Republican sore-loser syndrome is in our country right now.

    Obama isn't perfect - but his shortcomings are mostly that he is too far RIGHT - that he's willing to sacrifice his principles - principles that we believed in, principles which would make the world a better place - in order to appease the Republicans.

    Obama, in today's political climate, the Republicans are the obstructionists - the one fighting against progress. You shouldn't have given them the respect that you did. Going forward, I hope that you've learned your lesson.

  • He's done nothing wrong, and it wouldn't happen.

    First off, he hasn't broken the law, violated the constitution, or done anything that would justify it. Secondly, he CAN'T be impeached, because the Senate does the trial, and the Senate in controlled by the democrats, so he literally cannot be impeached.

    So, no he shouldn't. He's done nothing to deserve it, and any attempt to is %100 futile.

  • He has done anything to be impeached.

    Although, many might want to impeach the president, Obama hasn't done anything to or probably ever to deserve this action. And, plus through Obama's effort's are economy and consumer spending is slowly coming back to the pre-recession days. As a result, if we even impeach Obama are country will further plummet into more economic disaster.

  • You can not impeach him it would be illegal.

    The president of the united states is a important person. He is the first brown guy to live in a white house (post 1864). If you were to impeach him what would his family do? They won't be able to do stuff that they did while they were president. Do not impeach the president, it is racist, you are racist, white people are racist, even light light brown people are racist. But if I have to sum up all of this, do what your heart says to do. Impeach the white house itself. Make it more universal. Call it the colored house.

  • Do you know anything about economics?

    America can never get out of its debt. Never. But it never has to. It only has to pay the interest anyway.

    As it's been said before, Impeachment is a very serious offense, Bush invading several countries on no grounds didn't qualify, Clinton's sex affair didn't qualify.

    But Obama is not responsible for the US debt. Remember that CONGRESS makes the budgets. Obama is legally obligated to publish them. And why is Obamacare such a bad idea? You know, people being healthier is a good thing. Healthcare in the US is extremely expensive. I'll give an example. Ireland has free healthcare. Where the US has 500 dollars for a pint of blood, all blood in Ireland is donated. Our medicine is bought on a deal and no Irish citizen must pay more than 120 euro for it. I can walk thanks to the healthcare system here.

    The Yes side are republicans who think that if you don't like a president, that is akin to Treason, an offense which dates back to when the US was still ruled by a Monarch.

  • To everyone saying yes:

    On what grounds? All of the reasons you are giving for the president's impeachment are completely nonsensical. Over the Zimmerman case, really? This is painful for me to read. The racial prejudices of America are still present in the United States. And you can deny it all you want, but until you give a justifiable and legitimate reason why you think Obama should be impeached, we all know it's just out of your plain hatred for him.

  • Every president has the errors

    Yes he has had his errors but in reality I don't think what he has done has ever been for personal gain of himself. I don't support Obama, personally I don't like his politics but that isn't reason enough to impeach him. A lot of what your stating isn't true and I doubt you have fully researched it -- personally I bet half of you heard this on a news station; news stations aren't they always the best sources! I bet half of you fully don't know what he exactly in total was doing with the executive order but you throw it around as if it were. Yes he may not be the best president, but I do believe he actually is trying to help people.

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themohawkninja says2013-10-17T16:33:22.030
The fact that this debate is 50-50 really disgusts me. Shame on you people for thinking that it's even a possibility, let alone just, to impeach him.