Should Obama be impeached for taking action on gun control?

  • Yes he should

    He has trampled our constitution and acted like a totalitarian communist dictator with his executive orders and whatnot, he has destroyed our constitution, and should be impeached for disregarding our laws, especially the supreme law of the land. He is not fit to flip hamburgers at McDonald, let alone be president of the united states.

  • The treasonous acts of imposing or promoting the imposition of crimes against the constitution demand it.

    The president has been been sworn to uphold the constitution, then he does whatever he can get away with to violate the bill of rights, most especially the 2nd amendment. It is not just him that should be removed from office, 98 out of every 100 politicians should be ousted for the same or similar reasons. Most of them believe they can do whatever they want as long as the media doesn't tell the public about it.

  • Yes, but he won't be

    Frankly, Obama will do whatever he wants to do and won't face much opposition. He has the full backing of the media, who call him on nothing, and the House would never have the backbone to start proceedings. His usurping of power on this issue is one of the lesser reasons for impeachment, actually. The Administration's egregious actions in Fast and Furious and the Benghazi incident are much worse.

  • He's not president

    He isn't president... Wait, I need more words? OK! A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A. Done!

  • He Should Not Be Impeached

    I do not necessarily agree with all of President Obama's moves and decisions on gun control, but he should not be impeached. That would be stupid in my opinion. Obama is a great President and the country needs a strong leader more now than ever. He should keep his job.

  • No, he did nothing wrong.

    With regards to gun control, I don't think that Obama did anything wrong that would warrant him being impeached. After the school shooting, there need to be stricter laws and stronger background checks as he said. With such lenient laws, we cannot help to prevent these types of events. Also, there is no reason for civilians to own a semi-automatic weapon.

  • No, Obama should not be impeached for taking on gun control

    Many politicians in the past have also taken on gun control without any impeachment. I have some problems with Obama, specifically in his foreign policy, but I think it is ridiculous that people are talking about impeaching him for bringing up gun control. After our constant massacres and our sky-high murder rate compared to other first-world countries, something needs to be done.

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