• The Obama Administration is the definition of complete failure.

    This pathetic excuse for a "leader" has failed not only in his policies but in his character as well. The United States is going through a period of decline both politically and economically. On the world stage this nation is no longer seen as the single domineering force unrivaled by any other, we are now seen as a mere shadow of what this great nation once was. Internally this country is also being destroyed economically and even culturally. At the time of me writing this the current Nation debt of the United States is 17,604,067,710,983. However if anyone were to check the Nation Debt Clock right now, this number will have gone up substantially.

    The Obama administration has more than doubled the US. National Debt during the president's first term, and since then their total accumulated debt percentage has been +106%. The economy is in shambles, unemployment is at an all time high and Barrack Obama is more concerned with fundraising for hid party rather than focusing on these issues.

    However, the Obama Administration is not only guilty of driving an already weak economy into the ground, the real solid evidence for the impeachment of Barrack Obama lies in his usage of the executive order policy to bypass this nation' Congressional and Judicial branches. The United States uses a check and balance policy to ensure our nation does not fall to totalitarianism. However, time and time again Obama has used executive orders to bypass congress so that he may complete his pathetic agenda quicker, and in the process he is breaking the laws of this nation.

    Obama wrongfully released five of the worse Taliban prisoners from Guantanamo Bay for one single US. Deserter, bypassing congress in doing so. Obama has refused to enforce the laws of this nation and secure the Southern Border, instead he offers amnesty to criminals who illegally cross the border each and every day. Time and time again Obama has proudly declared that he will break US. Laws to bypass congress so that he may further the democrat agenda without adhering to our checks and balances policy.

    And all of these instances are only scratching the surface of this Administrations ineptitude and general failure. I have not even mentioned any of the dozens of scandals and cover-ups this president has been involved in. From arming drug traffickers on the Southern Border (Fast and Furious) to covering up his failure to defend a US. Ambassador when they were begging for extra security (Benghazi). This president has repeatedly failed to uphold his oath to defend the Us. Constitution, and on several accounts had failed to adhere to the laws of the United States. And for these solid, undeniable reasons, Barrack Obama should be impeached immediately.

  • Should Obama Be Impeached? Or Should He Just Finish His Lame Duck 2nd Term In Office?

    Yes I think he should impeached and removed from office along with his entire administration. But I'm also wise enough to know that the remote possibility of that happening is slim to none. So that said, he will likely finish out his Lame Duck 2nd term until its over in 2017.

  • One word: Executive Order

    Obama has used and abused his executive order, he has overstepped congress on several occasions, and broken the law. He had the NSA spying on a massive amount of political leaders, which is what got Nixon in trouble. He has abused his power and should thus it should be taken from him.

  • Yeah he should be impeached

    Obama has used both the NSA and IRS to gain political advantages against his opponents. This is the second article of impeachment he. Obama has violated this article. As a result he should be impeached. I'll remind you liberals that Nixon also violated thisarticle during the watergate scandal and was impeached as a result. No one wants to impeach the first black president though because they dont want to be labeled a racist even though he clearly has gone against the law and should be impeached. I'll be the first to vote him out of office. If anyone also agrees then stand beside me.

  • If only to show Republicans how stupid they are

    A failed impeachment effort would bring even more shame upon a GOP which has all but lost any chance of winning in 2016. The GOP which ruined our economy and allowed us to be dragged into two unfunded war efforts.

    Now, with a recovering economy, more Americans insured than ever before, and with the deft foreign relations of the last four years (sans spying), there is no chance the GOP will be able to impeach Obama.

    I would welcome the effort, however, as it would be the final nail in the coffin for the GOP.

    Please, please impeach the first black President, who hasn't done a single thing worth impeachment, even if you don't agree with his policies.

  • Yes he is a damn idiot

    He is checked out and on vacation, while the world is becoming extremely violent. He said The world is safer now than ever. I can tell you one thing the world was much safer during Bush's presidency. I guess whatever Obama says, then it becomes a fact. This president is the worst president by far that I have ever seen. That's just my opinion.

  • Failing Secure Border

    The veritable Trojan Horse, Obama has swung the border doors open wide for, welcoming people known to be driven in stark contrast to America's ideals. Obama openly welcomes people who openly chant, "Death to America!" He clearly is not protecting America, nor does he show loyalty to American ideals or its people. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  • Yes, He must be impeached!

    He is checked out and on vacation, while the world is becoming extremely violent. He said The world is safer now than ever. I can tell you one thing the world was much safer during Bush's presidency. I guess whatever Obama says, then it becomes a fact. This president is the worst president by far that I have ever seen. That's just my opinion.

  • Yes He Needs To Be Impeached!

    He has lied to the American people. He is all talk, and some people actually keep persueing him. He has violated the Constitution, making his own laws and changing them. He is checked out. He is on vacation while the world is becoming more violent. He even said the world hasn't been safer, well I can tell you one thing, it was safer when Bush was president and he didn't even have to say it. If he fails, he blames it on Bush or the Republicans. He cant hold himself accountable. Ive never heard Obama say This is my fault, ill try my best to make it better. That is what a good president does, admit to his mistakes and learn from his mistakes instead of blame it on someone else.

  • There are no grounds to impeach him.

    He has created good healthcare, killed Osama Bin Laden, got a lot of our troops out of Iraq, and lowered unemployment. I'll admit that there are a few things that I disagree with him on but there is absolutely no grounds to impeach him. He hasn't done anything to absolutely deserve impeachment.

  • Impeach because you are racist?

    Every argument put against him comes from racial bias. The south can't swallow the fact that the black man is a president. Why was debt not a important issue when you were invading Iraq? Why was it not a big issue when the bush administration decided to reduce taxes in the 1%? The president is not responsible for individual failures. No government big or small can really control everything. One president (bush or obama) cannot be held responsible for failure in governance. This has been the result of improper decisions from Nixon onto Obama.

  • Of course not

    This administration, like EVERY administration has had some missteps, But to say the President deserves to be impeached is just ridiculous. Why because he exercised his executive order to push legislation through a BROKEN/DIVIDED congress (just an FYI President Bush used it more-but whose counting?)? Benghazi?-DID we already forget about Iraq, which offers a stark parallel, but at a much larger scale? OPEN YOUR EYES. Deregulated overreach of Money/Capital is killing this country Not your PRESIDENT. Every time a major company outsources they are pulling money from the country and putting in their pocket. Ever time a rich..Oops (I am sorry) JOB CREATOR hires a team of lawyers to misrepresent legislation to maximize profit by lessening tax obligation they're taking money from your country. Every time a major corporation lobbies to avoid any increase in wages for laborers for over 20 years-even the cost of living rises annually. They are taking from the country for the benefit of a select few. AMERICA HAS BECOME SO POLARIZED that people have literally become numb to reality. OPEN YOUR EYES the president isn't the issue-He's not even the most powerful man in your country. Impeachment, I THINK NOT, lol

  • Not great, but not nearly that bad

    Whether or not he is doing a good job is irrelevant because he has not committed any action that could potentially get him impeached. We have had many presidents in the past who have done a less-than-stellar job and have not been impeached so it makes no sense why Obama should over all the others. Lets just be patient and wait for the next round instead of trying to impeach a president that can not and should not be impeached.

  • Bush wasn't impeached.

    If good ol' GW wasn't impeached then Obama definitely does not deserve to be. Has he been good on all of his promises? No. Is he perfect? No. But he didn't lead us into an expensive and pointless war. In fact, he did a very good job at getting us out, and his administration took out Bin Laden. Let's not forget all of the good he has done.

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