• He always had the country's well being in mind.

    Unlike our current president, Obama always thought of the country and its people. He brought the different groups together and worked hard to improve the living conditions of people in hard times. Sure there were hard times but he always had the wellbeing of his people in mind and tried his hardest to improve the lives of many. He didn't care about the money or the fame, he was a good person at heart. I would love for him to run again.

  • The answer is (obviously) no.

    He increased the national debt to $19 trillion (not a typo), he gave nuclear weapons to Iran, and giving a president a 3rd term is in violation of the constitution. I cannot support breaking the 22nd amendment, and we do need it so the power doesn't go to his head.

  • Obama should not be president again.

    Though I disagree with it's existence (I personally think term limits are ridiculous), the 22nd amendment to the United States Constitution strictly states that a serving president can serve no more than two terms. Advocating a third term for Obama would be advocating for a violation of the United States Constitution. Since I respect and uphold the Constitution, I can not support something that would violate it.

  • He should not.

    Obama served his two terms, he has made many changes to America. I believe that is not necessary for him to be the president again, America is done with him, and now America has a new leader to be dealt with. If you are unable to be fit with our new president, it is highly recommended by me to leave this country at a moment's notice.

  • Obama was the worst president

    He increased the national debt and somehow got more people on welfare than ever before. He neglected the elderly which caused the spending budget of the country to increase. This has added to the already slow urban growth of America and the drop in our GDP. He should apologize for what he has done rather than serve another term.

  • No, He should not

    He dismantled our military. Threatened the pay to our military and their families, He also used social security payments - so he could get leverage for illegals. National Debt and our credit rating under Obama - disaster. Billions of tax dollars were spent to protect illegals and their families. He all but erased our borders and encouraged illegal immigration. He exacerbated racial tensions. I think he’s done enough damage.

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