• Obama could be more active

    Especially considering Obama is almost certainly in his final term, I believe that he has the opportunity to act in a more aggressive way politically. He has, as it were, very little to lose and still has time to leaving a lasting legacy if he chooses to act in an extreme manner.

  • Obama should become more aggressive

    President Obama should become more aggressive on the political front. Although he has fought more against Republicans in the last few years, he needs to do more. He should be speaking out more often and demonstrating how the Republicans are blocking important nominees, including a Supreme Court justice, and legislation.

  • No, Obama should not become more politically agressive.

    President Obama does not need to become more politically aggressive. The president has had a difficult time getting along with both parties in congress. The president should be more conciliatory when it comes to working with Republicans in congress; seeking common ground for solutions to problems. Also, he should change his speaking style that often comes off like a lecture. This would help the president gain more political support for his policy initiatives.

  • Obama: Complacent as they come

    President Obama doesn't need to be aggressive. He really doesn't need to do anything.
    One of the best things about the country's top job is the retirement package, which Mr. Obama will collect in just half a year. He will be taken care of for the rest of his life, make millions giving speeches and showing up to places, and will eventually be remembered will as history forgets the details of his administration, as it always does. He has nothing to be concerned about.

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