• No Way, GITMO needs to stay

    GITMO was opened for a reason. For terrorists. And if Gitmo was to be closed, all of the states worst criminals will be roaming around, maybe even near you home. How would you like it if you found out that theres a criminal around you, you wouldnt be so comfortable, right?

  • Close it down

    Poor innocent people are getting beat down and pushed into saying something that he or she did not do , human rights abused and. Do not show Americas good side it's pure evil to human nature , we are all human beings why should some be treat differently and harshly therefore close it down

  • Are you serious?

    1. Because conditions there have given rise to torture – For reasons that will be debated for years to come, multiple incidents of torture have occurred at Guantanamo. The revelations of abuse continue to spill out, including this latest from Time Magazine. The U.S. Rejects torture unequivocally (as does President Bush ), and cannot maintain a facility where we know torture occurs.
    2. To eliminate what has become a liability in the war on terror – Reports of ill-treatment of Afghan detainees at Guantanamo have become a rallying cry for anti-U.S. Insurgents across the Muslim world. Getting rid of Guantanamo won't solve the problem, but – particularly if coupled with serious efforts to prevent all abuses in detention and interrogation - it will deprive them of what has become a highly evocative symbol around the world. (see Biden's comments - - Rep. Mel Martinez (R-FL) agrees).
    3. To recapture the U.S.'s position as a human rights standard-bearer – Despite the Administration's denunciations, Amnesty's fingering of the U.S. As a major human rights violator has been heard 'round the world. The claim resonates because of the revelations concerning Guantanamo, Bagram and elsewhere. To counter this, we need to make a dramatic gesture to show that the U.S. Maintains its reputation on the forefront of promoting human rights. (see Jimmy Carter's comments).
    4. To expedite the determination of which inmates warrant continued detention – One of the most egregious aspects of the Guantanamo process is the fact that after being captive for three and a half years, many of the 540 detainees have still not had the benefit of a hearing to determine whether there is evidence to back their designation as enemy combatants. Some still haven't even seen a lawyer. With a fixed timeline to shut down Guantanamo, those hearings would need to happen more quickly.
    5. Because legal advantages to offshore detention are dwindling – The original reason to use Gitmo for Afghan detainees was to stop them from asserting their rights in U.S. Courts by asserting a loophole based on the fact that the prison isn't on American soil. But the Supreme Court has held that the writ of habeas corpus does apply at Gitmo, and the Administration has been dealt a series of similar setbacks in lower courts. So any legal advantage the Administration hoped to gain by offshoring detentions is dwindling.
    6. To facilitate providing mandated legal protections – Now that the Administration has been required to afford broader due process rights to the Guantanamo population that continues to be held, this will be far easier to accomplish if the detainees are held in the U.S. Where they can readily meet with their lawyers and appear in court as neededThere are also indications that greater openness and accessibility may result in improved conditions even when lawyers aren't around.

  • Yes, Gitmo Should be Closed

    Allowing a prison to exist outside our court system and allowing the rights of those prisoners to be violated in the name of preventing terrorism is an abuse of the justice system and goes against the tenets this country was founded on. All criminals, even non-citizens, should be allowed the opportunity to defend themselves in court, and they should not be held without trial indefinitely. Keeping this prison open only harbors ill will toward the US from both our enemies and our allies.

  • Close gitmo now!

    The majority of people held in Guantanamo prison are there based on false allegations from information acquired by torture, or are being held there indefinitely without trial. Most inmates are innocent. Its not worth holding innocent people in a horrible place to keep a couple of terrorists locked up, it doesn't make sense

  • Close the damn Prison

    It is completely wrong to lock up someone without proof. It is wrong to torture and rob a person of their precious lifetime. Torture leads to false confessions because people are put under such duress that they will do whatever possible to free themselves of the pain. Close now please

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  • Closing GUantanamo may be the best leverage we have to bring back Robert Levinson.

    Robert Levinson is the longest held hostage in U.S. history and was not included in the prisoner swap that occurred in January as part of the nuclear deal with Iran. He has been held for 9 years. His family believed that he would be part of the swap but he wasn't. The next best thing to release him is to show to the world and to ourselves that holding prisoners without trial is illegal and close the prison. I pray we can do the right thing.

  • Close GITMO now!

    First of all, people are tortured there! No one deserves to be tortured, no matter how horrible their crime! For those of you saying that Guantanamo Bay was opened to keep terrorists locked up, if you torture someone long enough you can get a false confession. That's because the victim just wants the torture to stop! This can lead to innocent people being held there on fake confessions for eternity. Even if everyone there was actually guilty, the prisoners are still human beings. Also, you can get information out of people by being nice to them.

  • Yes,Gitmo should be closed

    First of all, it is blatantly unconstitutional to lock civilians up without due process. The 6th Amendment makes it clear that every man deserves a free and speedy trial. We have not given those to the prisoners of Guantanamo Bay. Secondly, the torture methods we used to interrogate the prisoners (unsucessfully) are beyond inhumane. We have used mock burials, hypothermia, anal "feeding" to name a few of the methods WE KNOW ABOUT!!! In the 1940's, Japenese officials were charged with war crimes for using water boarding. Now, that is just common practice. Finally, it is important to note how we got the "terrorists". We didn't hire Solid Snake to sneak around in a cardboard box and capture them one by one. We made deals with the Pakistan and Afghanistan governments to send us Al-Quaeda and whoever they sent us we locked up....Regardless if they even were Al-Quaeda. In conclusion, we should close Gitmo due to the violation of the Constitution, the barbaric methods of torture and the way we requisitioned our suspects

  • No it should remain open

    Where else will we keep the terrorists. It does t seem to safe to keep them on u.s. territory. The worst criminals shouldn't be free to harm any more people. The more free terrorists the more terrorists attacks so the more injuries and deaths. Yes I know it is expensive to keep it open but we are safer with the terrorists in Guantanamo bay

  • He has kept it open for a reason

    I am not sure why we have kept Guantanamo Bay open all this time. I thought for sure it would be closed under Obama, but there is a reason he has kept it open.

    After taking office his tune has changed on this and some things are known only onto our leaders. I am fine with that--the public doesn't have a right to know everything our government does to keep us safe in real time.

  • The inmates are some of the most evil people on earth. We want to keep them out of circulation.

    It is appropriate to keep the most evil people on earth out of circulation to prevent more of their crazy schemes. If there are perceived problems at Guantanamo, we can correct them. Closing the facility is an over reaction. The purpose of punishment is to prevent others from committing similar crimes in the future.

  • No, absolutely not

    Guantanamo Bay holds convicted terrorists who have threatened our nation as well as other countries. These detainees deserve to be kept here for the rest of their lives. They have tortured, murdered, and done other unthinkable actions to Americans and other nationalities alike. These prisoners are not citizens and have no rights under the American Constitution, therefore torture for information is justified. Guantanamo Bay has served the world well since it opened and closing it would be an extreme injustice and disservice to the rest of the world. Releasing these prisoners would do dishonor on all of the people tortured, held captive, and murdered by these evil terrorists.

  • No, hard decision though.

    It may be a place where rights are stripped and where the prisoners have no communication the outside world, but it is for the protection of the world. This prison holds some of the most dangerous people that walk this earth. The center is for incarceration and intel. With these inmate we can find out who else may be connected to them or what imminent threats may arise.

  • No.

    It has been a good place to hold some of the world's most dangerous offenders. Why would he close it if it has served us so well over all the years? Even with the ethical issues raised over the conditions there, it is no worse than Alcatraz was, and just as effective.

  • Keep it open!

    Gitmo holds dangerous criminals, yeah that's the obvious argument. It's not like they are beating people up though. Prisoners are very often making concoctions of urine and fesus to throw at guards, and they aren't touched. Also, what occurs in Gitmo isn't real torture. Gitmo uses psychology. Torture, by definition, is pain equal to or greater than losing organs. Psychological torture doesn't involve pain.

  • No, Hell no.

    If we do close it down , where will they be held ? What state governor will say" yes we want the responsibility of taking car of terrorist who kill American soldiers and civilians" If 2 regular American citizens can escape from a maximum security prison , than what is stopping hard core terrorist who want to see our country brought to its knees from escaping. When someone of another nation if captured in a battle zone , they don't get all these rights and special treatments, they get tried in a military court not and civilian one. Also people who say "water boarding is inhumane" , those terrorist are laughing at you. They slit the throats of men and women with dull steak knives, making it ever so slow and painful, something you sill never have to endure because of our soldiers. Also it is hilarious for people to pull the human rights card on this. They would slit your throat , rape your kids, sell your wife into slavery before you could take their side.

  • Poop poop poop

    Wat wat wat wat wat wat wat wat wat wat wat wat wat yah they should keep it open because those people kill they are bad *** es keep keep keep keep keep keep keep keep keep keep keep keep keep keep keep keep keep keep keep keep keep it open

  • Every single inmate in that prison has committed some act of war or terror on the United States.

    They are all there because they sought to destroy our way of life. If we release them, they will continue to do so. I completely agree that they are treated terribly and I do believe some amount of reform should take place but these criminals should not be released. Obama;s plan is to send 1/3 of them to different countries and then bring the rest into mainland compounds. How does that sound to all of you humanitarians? Known terrorists closer to the land that they seek to destroy. These jihadists were not an issue when we drafted the constitution. We did not have to think about someone wanting to destroy us, it just wasn't an issue. Now it is and we need to adjust accordingly. These prisoners do not care about the constitution anyways, they seek to destroy it and all that it stands for.

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