Should Obama close the Palestinian Liberation Organization's office in Washington, D.C.?

  • Israel

    Our bilateral relationship with Israel- our closest, most important ally in the entire Middle East- would be improved by kicking out from Washington D.C. the representative for the PLO, those same bastards who started both intifadas and encouraged countless car bombings, shootings, etc. We have no strategic interests in Palestine, so geopolitical repercussions would be minimal. The rest is just press.

  • Chuck Hagel for President.

    Hagel is the only one in the house who isn't scared of the Jews and he should replace Obama as president and outlaw Apac. Israeli settlements are illegal and by supporting them Obama is breaking international law and should be tried as a war criminal. We need leaders who put US interests ahead of Israeli interests.

  • No, Obama should not close down the Palestinian Liberation Organization's office.

    Closing down an office that is representing a nation because you disagree with the nation goes against America's most basic and cherished principals. They have a right to a voice, as much a right as any other country. Democracy and Freedom is something that you have accept, whether you like the outcome or not. This is like saying that we should not honor agreements previously established with Egypt because we may not like who they chose as president in their first democratic election. Everyone was in full support of a democracy in Egypt until their guy lost. Now folks suggest we intervene. This is exactly the same as closing the Palestinian Liberation Organization's office. It's not what we stand for. It's not who we are.

  • No

    It would be wrong to close the PLO office in Washington D C because the Palestinian's deserve representation in the United States because the US has such a large impact on the future of the Palestinian State and the Palestinian people. By destroying the PLO offices the United States would have to give up any semblance of neutrality.

  • No, they have rights too

    The Palestinians need to be treated with respect just like any other group of people do in this country, they might not agree with our ally but that doesn't mean they don't get to have a movement and support here either.

    As long as any group is working within the laws of their state and this country there is no reason for the President to shut them down.

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