• Yes, he needs to start practicing more mutually beneficial trade

    America has a duty to the developing world to help them prosper. If we are going to invade countries as the harbingers of democracy we need to bring democracy with our dollars as well. Obama needs to promote more fair trade and living wage trade scenarios that help promote economic prosperity abroad.

  • Yes, Global trade helps unite Americans.

    Though divided by ideology, we are united as Americans in our desire to restore economic growth and create jobs. Few issues bring Democrats and Republicans together as global trade does. To grow, American businesses must be more commercially engaged globally and must establish a bigger footprint in faster-growing emerging markets. Minimally we must provide at least the support that export powerhouses China, Germany and the UK provide their businesses. Ideally we should do more. This requires government support, particularly for small and medium enterprises.

  • No, I think he is doing fine

    Yes, global trade is an important issue, but is it more important that other things? I think President Obama is focusing on those things that are most important for the people of the country, and pushing to the back burner those things that are less important. This is what a leader needs to do.

  • No, I think hes not the only one in this picture

    I think there are some ups and downs and he does not need to be the only one in this picture. There are needs for governmental support on free trade, but there also needs to be a limit on how far that support goes and how it effects jobs and the economy.

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