• Yes, it scares Americans.

    Yes, Obama should end the NSA surveillance program, because it is divisive. Americans are becoming fearful of the government, because they are keeping track of everything. Just because the government has the ability to easily keep track of information does not mean that it is not an invasion of privacy to do so. The program goes too far and it makes people uncomfortable.

  • President Obama Should End the NSA Surveillance Program

    Yes, President Obama should end the NSA Surveillance Program. Not only does the NSA Surveillance Program step on the right to privacy of the citizens of the United States, it also breeds distrust in the Federal Government. For these reasons alone, President Obama should definitely end the NSA Surveillance Program.

  • Promote freedom to privacy!

    The NSA surveillance program is a massive infringement on the inherent right to privacy that every American citizen should have, and it is distasteful that President Obama is defending it. This program needs to end for us to ever be able to trust our government, especially with the extremely divisive political atmosphere of our modern age.

  • NSA Goes Too Far

    The National Security Agency goes too far when it monitors the electronic communications of ordinary citizens looking for any clues to the next potential terrorist attack. Yes, if you aren't doing anything illegal then you have nothing to worry about. The problem is that what if the NSA takes this one step further? How many more civil rights do we have to have violated before we stand up to this erosion of our basic freedoms?

  • If It's In His Power

    I believe if it is within his right as the president, the yes, Obama should personally seek out the end of the NSA's surveillance programs. I am thankful that Snowden and others have released this information to the American public, so that we may be more aware of it, however, now it needs to end.

  • Obama should end the NSA program.

    The NSA is spying on countless Americans every day for little to no reason at all. It should stop immediately, because our right to privacy has not become endangered. It's not right for Americans who have done nothing wrong to be spied on by their own government. It needs to stop.

  • This is wrong

    The US GOV. Already has its grubby hands in some of the most private parts of our lives. I don't want my private emails read by scumbags. Hence they are private. Some may say "If you have nothing to hide, then why should you care?" Because, it is an infringement on our constitutional rights. PERIOD!

  • No, it protects us.

    Would you rather have another 9/11, or the government watching over us? Do you think that the government surveillance is a good thing, or a bad thing? Although most say no, I have to go with what I believe, and what I believe is that it is a good thing, because it started the December after 9/11.
    People say that it is a bad thing because it is invading our privacy and that they have no right to do that. But really no one cared before “Edward Snowden” said something about it; Why care if you don’t have anything to hide? Unless you do.
    We think that we can survive without anyone to help us, but truthfully no we can’t we do need it, because without the government spying some of us would be dead. Think of all the murders and terrorist have been caught, without this spying all of those criminals would be still running around. We complain about everything, we complain that the government doesn’t keep us safe, but they really do we just can wake up and realize it because we don’t know it. When we find out about how they are keeping us safe, what are we doing “complaining”.

    Also he wouldn't be able to unless he tried to pass a bill, but the congress and senate would have to agree so really he can decide that

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