Should Obama have been more cautious about Syria?

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • He should be careful.

    Obama has no idea what he should do, people will die no matter what his choice is, the only thing that will be affected, regardless of what he decides/decided to do, will be who dies. If he chooses to send in troops to Syria, our troops and the Syrian government troops will be killed. If he chooses to bomb Syria, collateral damage is unavoidable and innocent civilians will die as well as Syrian troops. If he chooses to send military supplies to Syria, most likely, they will get into the hands of Al Qaeda and they will kill Syrian troops as well as civilians. If he decides to do nothing, Syrian rebels and civilians will die at the hands of chemical weapons.

    He doesn't have any idea what to do, but, quite frankly, neither does anyone else. He does, however, need to give America a straight answer and stop worrying about politics for 5 seconds and decide what is best for the Syrian people.

  • Iraq and Afghan didn't work out

    Even if we have the right idea (which we probably don't), we don't have the means anymore. We simply can't afford any more wars. We have so much debt, and the country is out of control. So many jobs are going overseas, and it's like a free for all with politicians who couldn't care less.

  • We don't know exactly who is using chemical weapons; Obama is being irresponsible

    Even if it is good to intervene to stop chemical weapons we will not have moral legitimacy in the end if it turns out and evidence is mounting for it, that the rebels were using chemical weapons too.

    One potential response would be to third side Syria, going in and attacking both the government and the rebels but chances are that not all rebel groups are using chemical weapons. So then the thing a responsible president would do is to collect more intell on the situation to see if there is any feasible way of distinguishing between chemical weapon-using and non-chemical weapon using rebels.

    As well we need to make sure we're not supporting any rebels who are pro-Al Qaeda or pro-Islamic extremism.

    The way Obama is just rushing to action shows he is being impulsive and irresponsible over handling such a delicate matter.

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