• Malia Obama should have been allowed to attend the music festival

    Malia Obama, one of President Obama's daughters, made headlines when she started "twerking" at the music festival Lollapalooza. People immediately jumped to judging Obama's parenting choices. They should leave him alone. Malia Obama obviously had a great time at the concert. She was enjoying being a teenager, and it was great of Obama to allow her that opportunity.

  • Obama is the parent

    Yes, the Obamas should have let their daughter attend a concert. Their daughters are mature and aware. They are able to deal with the fallout that can come with public appearances like this. The Obamas have done an excellent job of shielding their daughters from the public eye, while still allowing them to have a life.

  • First family should not put themselves at increased risk

    The entire first family requires Secret Service protection. They must use caution about appearing in public. They should not expect to go to public events like concerts in the same manner as others. President Obama should not have allowed his daughters to attend the concert. It was an unnecessary use of taxpayer money.

  • Yeah. No. Definitely no.

    Yes, I think Obama’s daughter should have been able to attend an event that her peers attended. As long as she had the appropriate security around and knew not to behave herself in a monkey-see-monkey-do fashion, then things should have been fine. Scratch that; he shouldn’t have let her go.

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