Should Obama have nominated more women to his cabinet?

  • I had hoped he would.

    While I like to (somewhat, kind of) trust that our leaders are intelligent enough to choose the right people for the right job, regardless of gender, race, religion, sexuality, or disability, I would have liked to see Obama appoint more women to his cabinet. He is an outspoken supporter of women’s and children’s rights, yet his cabinet continues to reflect the “old boys club” politics has always been.

  • No, Obama shouldn't have nominated more women to his cabinet.

    I don't think that president Obama should be pressured to choose women over men to be politically correct. He needs the best people with him and I think the people he nominates to his cabinet should be chosen on their merit and experiences, not by their gender. Women are expecting too many positions based on gender.

  • Should Obama have nominated more women to his cabinet?

    Obama should neither nominate more or less women to his cabinet. He should nominate whoever will do the best job. Sex is a non issue. If he hired certain people based only on being female, it would only be to please that part of his voter base. For popularity. That would be sad.

  • No, I believe he was fair.

    I consider Obama to be an intelligent and fair man, and so I believe he nominated those people that he thought would be best for the job. Women cannot look for preferential treatment simply because they are under represented. That would be an odd, enforced type of equality. At high levels of government we need to expect the best and most qualified people to be filling those posts and one's gender should not enter into it.

  • He Could Have, But It Was Not A Neccesity

    Yes Obama could have nominated more women into his cabinet, but I do not think he should have. His cabinet is fine the way it is. I do not think that President Obama took gender or race into consideration when making his selections. He chose the best people possible for the job.

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