• Yes, President Barack Obama should recognize the Syrian rebels.

    Yes, President Barack Obama should recognize or address the Syrian rebels. America has a unique country with a unique people. We do not need to have shared enemies but friends. It is true Israel is our true friend but we don’t need to hate what Israel hates, and like what it likes.

  • Obama Should Address the Syrian Rebels

    The Syrian Rebels have made some noise in the last few weeks and its not for anything good. They've appeared to gain more supporters and are becoming larger every day. If this trend continues I think president Obama should recognize them and speak on the issue. This does not necessarily men that he should act on the situation, but he should just let the people know that they're on his radar and if the trend continues he will take action.

  • Obama should not have recognized the Syrian rebels.

    The recognition of a rebel group by Obama is not the path that should be taken by our county. Too many times in our past, our government has chosen to aid rebel groups and uprisings, only to find that the replacement is often no better then the ousted group. South America is full of examples in which we supported a group that ended up creating a tyranny in its place. Our responsibility as a country is not to aid in uprisings, especially when they have no effect on us as a country.

  • No, I don't think Obama should recognize the Syrian rebel.

    At this moment there are enough things that Obama needs to address here in our own country. His focus should be on repairing our economy and working on the budget rather than focusing on what is happening in Syria. Once we address issues here at home we will be better able to help with things going on around the globe.

  • Obama should not address the Syrian rebels.

    Our country is in crisis, economically as well as socially. Our president's time needs to be spent on making things better for our country, fixing our economical problems and helping the communities in Oregon and Connecticut heal. Addressing Syrian rebels is not a top priority. I honestly do not see why America always has to get involved in problems other countries face. Other countries do not respect America until they need our help. Until America's own problems are fixed, how can the president be expected to address Syria's rebels, or any other country's problems?

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