Should Obama Have Released the Photos of Bin Laden’s Body?

  • Obama Should Have Released Photos of Bin Laden's Body

    One of the tenets of our country is openness and freedom of information. The people should be kept informed of the government's actions and the release of the photos of Bin Laden's body accomplished this. If Obama had not, conspiracy theories would have been created. Further, this helped those affected by 9/11 to get closure.

  • Congress Should Have Seen Photos

    All 535 members of Congress should have been allowed to see the photos of bin Laden's body at the White House situation room, under wraps and under tight security, so as to confirm the terrorist leader's death. No pictures of the the photos would be allowed to be taken. That way, each Senator and Representative can go back to their constituents to confirm bin Laden's death. Otherwise, releasing the photos serves no purpose other than to infuriate Muslim radicals and humiliate victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

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