• Yes, if you agree that Arab-Israeli relations are the business of the United States?

    Considering the long history of of the country of Palestine and US involvement in Israeli independence, as well as US respect for other countries' laws, perhaps it's time for the government to offer Palestine grants in aid. Is it just because they are Arab that we decided to back Israel?

  • No, he should not have sent any money to the PLA

    Former President Obama should not have sent any money to the Palestinian Authority. The PLA uses money to pay the widows of suicide bombers that attack Israelis. American taxpayer money should not be subsidizing terrorism against Israel. The United States should stop providing money to the Palestinian Authority as long as the organization funds terrorism.

  • No, it was a wrong move.

    Obama should not have sent money to the Palestinian Authority, this will jeopardize the security of Israel as money will be used to arm Hezbollah. Palestinian Authority has supported attacks on Jews and reports have it they it is funding the terror group. The money is meant for humanitarian aid and other projects around governance and political reforms but it will be redirected.

  • America supports Israel

    Obama has been nothing but a problem for Israel. Israel has a right to exist, even if Obama doesn't think so. The Palestinian Authority should receive nothing because they do nothing but hurt and kill Israelis. They want to push Israel into the sea. Obama should show support for Israel.

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