Should Obama have signed the Monsanto Protection Act?

  • GMOs are the same as unmodified organisms.

    GMO is not processed, unnatural foods. GMOs are organisms that have been altered to maximize the good aspects and minimize the negative aspects. Whats more, it has been shown that they are just as safe, and in some cases safer, as regular organisms.

    GMOs are a key part in overcoming famine and providing the best food possible.

  • Yes it should have been signed since it's a provision in the funding resolution that allows the government to operate until September 30, 2013.

    There is no Monsanto Protection Act. What is called the "Monsanto Protection Act" is actually an amendment to the funding resolution that allows the Federal government to operate until September of this year. The provision is only in effect until for six months and unless the funding resolution was signed the federal government would have been forced to shut down. Unlike sequestration a shut-down would have stopped federal employees, including the military, from being paid.

    A six-month hold on litigation of GMO is a small price to pay to keep the government running. The real blame lies with the members of Congress who passed this amendment into the government's funding resolution.

  • GMOs have been around forever.

    We, as human beings have been modifying crops through artificial selection for thousands of years, so why would directly modifying the DNA and then selecting the best plant be any more dangerous? Although I don't think Monsanto should own the GMO seeds and be able to dictate how farmers use them, GMOs are no more dangerous than the corn you ate as a kid, or the corn your grandfather ate, and yet it feeds more people. When one side makes wild accusations about the dangers of GMOs, they should have to prove it, not strangle the industry through regulation and fear-mongering. By proof I don't mean the fact that there is a lack of evidence. This is just like all the anti-vaccine hype, a whole lot of talk, but not a lot of evidence.

  • 1. Never proven safe. 2. Gov sucks with money 3. why should people pay the price of that. 4. really people?!!?

    Even if the Monsanto protection act was to make the govt run for 6 more months why are we jeopardizing the peoples health to give immunity to a company that poisons people? The FDA and USDA and FBI will jump on and attack the people trying to do good with natural remedies but when it comes to Round-up and pesticides and herbicides and GMO and GE they stand idle and do nothing. Wait... They do something. PROTECT THEM! This is absolutely corrupt and if anyone has done the research they would have no choice but to agree. And to visit the first part to fund the Govt for 6 more months. That will resolve nothing. We going to find the biggest gold mine in human history in 6 months? We going to magically pull 16 trillion $$$ from our asses? We need to address our spending not give companies immunity from law and government monitoring just so we can "operate" for 6 more months. I'd like to see more THIRD party tests done on the safety of this GE and GMO which have never even been conducted by Monsanto themselves which proves they don't care about peoples well-being they care about money and control and they are taking advantage of the opportunity of ignorant people and the fact America is broke. We need to EDUCATE ourselves and Step-up because this is whats going to keep happening if the people don't. Quit being ignorant and learn both sides of the story... For the love of America and god... Step-up.

  • Obama overlooked the health consequences of genetically modified food when he signed the Monsanto Protection Act.

    There are so many processed foods grown in the United States which I think is accompanied by not enough regulation. We don't know some of the health consequences of a lot of them. This is a big part of why actions to try to resolve some of the issues are vital. I think that President Obama should not have signed this Act into law.

    So these genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and genetically engineered (GE) seeds are going to be allowed to continue to be sold. Research needs to be done on the health issues related to these so that we can have serious and educated discussions on the right way to proceed.

  • Most definitely not.

    This law gives immunity to Monsanto over the production of GMO-foods. This is very dangerous since it says that even if health concerns come out because of the GMO-foods, it still bars courts from intervening or hindering Monsanto's right to produce foods with this genetically modified part. This is a very dangerous law to pass. This is not to say GMO-foods are inherently dangerous, but we should at least have the right to step in if the science says they are.

  • He should not.

    I think that what the President did was very representative of a lot of things that he does. He signs laws and puts things in place that make people feel good, but don't actually succeed in doing a whole hell of a lot to help anyone. This act is a good example.

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