Should Obama have the slogan "Ruining healthcare since 2008"?

Asked by: nrpaul1015
  • Affordable Health Care is an oxymoron

    Before Obama, health insurance was the worst thing that ever happened to health care. It added an unnecessary middle man and caused to consumer to think he no longer needed to hold his health care providers accountable for how much is being charged. A free -for- all emerged which has turned health care into a profit center instead of an act of unselfish healing. Patients are viewed as "revenue streams" so that there is no motive to actually cure anyone (that would cut off the flow of money). Greed and deceit are running the show in medicine as well as every other aspect of modern society. The Affordable Care Act only exacerbates the problem by stimulating greed (the health care industry is eager to suck up every government dime). Expect lots of tests and office visits and hospital stays and dangerous (and expensive) prescription drugs but don't expect good health. The U.S. was already spending more money than any other nation for health care with the result of dismal health. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over expecting a different result. Throwing money at a problem doesn't work---ever (see also Education).

  • He made the healthcare system sicker!

    Obamacare with all of its guffaw's, incompetence, and controversy, has clogged the once working arteries of the nation's health care system. Initially a good idea, it was politicized by both parties in a frenzy of accusations and misinformation from both sides. The President did not demonstrate leadership or ability to implement a workable system. He has only caused more confusion and distrust of government and hurt the very people he was trying to help, the most. He not only ruined healthcare, he ruined his legacy.

  • It's unfair to judge something in it's infancy

    This system of requiring health insurance is far from ideal, but I do believe it has the potential to do good things if it's aloud to go foreward. Short of truly universal health care, this is actually a good system of reigning in the insurance industry, and beginnings of a control of health care costs. The exchanges are starting to work, and I think we just have to wait and see. This would be a better posed question 1-2 years from now.

  • History lesson: Healthcare was ruined long before 2008 try 1940s-ish

    Healthcare was ruined when healthcare became a privilege i.e. private insurance. This created a system in which non medical companies with an interest in bottom line profit had a large if not majority say in what care people deserve. Then you had the fall of unions and pensions and the decrease and almost complete extinction of employer provided healthcare and the development of the fallacy that the uninsured and poor are still able to access care. Less employers provide coverage more people go private--private companies can now determine rates of reimbursement-- medical professionals now need to be concerned with cutting Costa and avoiding high risk patients because ur reimbursed less based on their coverage. Regardless of political affiliation, its a great disservice to not know the history and blame 1 individual because it suits a political ideology. All that accomplishes is shooting yourself in the foot-- with no good medical care to fix it. Healthcare history is long and tedious and at times downright boring-- but as Americans we need to stop being lazy about reading, learning and seeking out truth in history. And down with fox news. Studies show people who watch it are less informed than those who watch NO news at all.

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