• Yes. people are dying.

    Yes, Obama should intervene in Syria, because many people have died. Without intervention, there will be mass slaughter of innocents. Obama should intervene because the United States is partly to blame in the controversy by giving weapons to the terrorists. It is the United States that should put an end to the human suffering in Syria.

  • We would be killing the wrong people.

    I think that it would a great Em's if America got itself into another foreign civil war. Yes I have seen all the news of chemical weapons being used on civilians, it is utterly monstrous. But I believe, counter to a popular opinion, that if we invaded we would be killing the wrong people. I believe that the Assad regime were not responsible for the chemical attacks, but rather that the rebels were. Assad has greater and much more deadly weapons at hand, so why would he use a low grade, poorly put together chemical bomb; it doesn't add up. The rebels on the other hand did have the means to put together a weapon like that (Saudi Arabia). Not to mention that a dominant part of the rebel force are actually a Al Qaeda organization in Syria; Al Nusrah. They could have easily planted the bomb so it would make Assad look like he did it, hence America would come storming in to kill Assad. Finally if we did not invade put supplied weapons and a no fly zone, we would be giving it all to Al Qaeda!

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