Should Obama maintain a strong U.S. presence in Afghanistan?

  • Yes.

    The region is greatly vulnerable to threats from terror forces, which ruined the region in the first place. American troops need to be there to watch over for a few more years, longer than 1 year at least. Because, if we let the region fight it's own battles against terror, it is sure to lose. The Taliban in that region are wanting us to leave so they can take over that government once more. America should watch over and protect them for a few more year.

  • Enough is enough

    For god's sake what rational person could even see a reason to waste anymore lives or continue to prop up that country? Look at Iraq, in a few years that is what Afghanistan will look like. Looks like we forgot about Vietnam, maybe these two wars will control the war machine for awhile.

  • No reason to

    No Obama should not maintain U.S presence in Afghanistan any longer. Their country already has a reformed government and our country is hurting economically therefore we should cut as much spending as possible. Meaning we should not have to spend money into these countries when U.S economy is hurting itself.

  • No, the United State needs to leave Afghanistan to itself.

    President Obama needs to bring our military forces out of Afghanistan and either return them to the US or reassign them to other overseas arenas. The former Soviet Union attempted to control Afghanistan in the 1980's and failed miserably. Its pure American arrogance to conceive that we can do any better.

  • No, he should not

    I think a presence is still needed in Afghanistan, but I don't think it has to be as large as it was. The US has spent a lot of money sending troops and supplies. I don't think they can really afford to keep sending all of that. There has also been a loss of human life, which factors in as well when weighing the risks and benefits.

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