Should Obama negotiate with Republicans over the debt ceiling?

  • Yes, Republicans need to knock some sense into him.

    Obama seems to have completely stopped caring about what he is doing with the debt. He already abuses his power with his executive orders, and this would be reasonable grounds for impeachment. The Executive branch has far far far too much power right now, and Obama is abusing it and the peoples branch needs to nullify his powers to raise the debt ceiling.

  • The President should always be bipartisan

    Yes. I think he should. America is in a serious financial crisis right now and the president should do what he can to fix these problems. This is not a democratic or republican issue, it's an American issue that needs to be corrected as soon as possible. Our leaders on both sides should work together. These are tough times and both sides should be considering the American people and not their own constituents or pockets.

  • Not the appropriate time and place!

    We have a budget process - republicans are refusing to negotiate within that process and instead trying to force these negotiations to take place under the threat of default, which is not acceptable. You negotiate on debt when you spend the money, not when the bill collectors show up at the door.

  • No, the Rep's have used up all the goodwill.

    No, the President should not negotiate with republicans over the debt ceiling. The debt ceiling is not something that ever used to made an issue of, and now the republicans are trying to make it an issue, and use it as one more corner to disagree with the President and bring the American people's government to a halt.

  • No, the President should not negotiate with Republicans over the debt ceiling. The whole stage show dealing with the debt ceiling only gives people a false sense of hope.

    There is no way the United States government maintaining its current commitments could ever stop going into debt. When a government borrows 40 cents on every dollar it spends and has no politically expedient way to cut anything, arguing about a supposed debt ceiling is just a charade. This game is meant to get citizens to beg the government to put their future offspring into perpetual servitude to eliminate any short-term discomfort they may face in the present. The best thing the President could do is level with the American people, by stating the obvious.

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