Should Obama nominate John Brennan for CIA director?

  • Yes, He Should

    John Brennan is an excellent choice for the position of directing the Central Intelligence Agency. President Obama is more than qualified to choose candidates for various positions, and I see no reason to doubt that John Brennan would be a good person to lead the CIA. The Senate has oversight as to whether he is a good choice.

  • Yes, he seems to be qualified

    I see no reason why John Brennan should be passed over for CIA director. He is qualified and capable of running the agency, and Obama should nominate him. This process is there for a reason. If there are any problems with the nominee, then the process should ferret them out pretty quickly.

  • Should Obama nominate John Brennan for CIA director?

    The problem with the previous director of the CIA was that he was an outsider. John Brennan has years of experience with the CIA and knows the ins and outs of the agency. His knowledge of the culture of the agency will make it easier for him to get things done and be respected by agency employees. He also has great counter terrorism experience.

  • The Job Should Be Brennan's

    I think that Obama should nominate John Brennan for CIA director. Brennan has worked in the CIA for over two decades and deserves the job. He has been a big part of tackling terrorism over the last few years and has the experience to get the job done at that position.

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