Should Obama nominate REI CEO Sally Jewell for interior secretary?

  • Finally, a qualfied Cabinet member

    Jewell is well regarded as an effective executive, the primary skill for any cabinet position. Jewell is also so noted for supporting many environment causes, important for the Interior Department 's management of public lands. She started her career as a petroleum engineer, which will allow her to sort out truth from fiction on controversies related to oil leasing and development. She's an exceptionally good candidate.

  • Jewell Should Get The Job

    I think that President Barack Obama should nominate REI CEO Sally Jewell for interior secretary. She is much more qualified for the job than some of the other possible candidates and I think she would do the job well. She performed well in her previous positions and I think she would do this well too.

  • No, Sally Jewell is not qualified for this job.

    We seriously need someone who can protect wildlife and public lands from the grips of the agencies waiting to plunder what belongs to us. If she was even remotely associated with the environment and use of public lands I would consider her. Why is this job handed over to ranchers and big oil bankers? Its' a disgrace. The president does not care about this job, which is terrible because his children will live with the decisions, pollution, destruction of wildlife habitat, and the slaughter of the animals we love and have sought to protect.

  • What makes her qualified?

    I understand that there is a big deal being made about how she is a female but the question that needs to be asked is what makes her qualified? being a banker for 20 years doesn't really cut it to made into the interior secretary. yes she is a CEO but i don't see how she is qualified.

  • No, He Should Not

    President Obama is without a question an excellent leader of the United States of America. Despite this and despite winning a second term, he has made the wrong call by thinking that REI CEO Sally Jewell is the right choice for interior secretary of the United States. Her business ties cannot be ignored.

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