Should Obama pick Jack Lew for Treasury Secretary?

  • A Reasonable Choice

    I see no reason why President Barack Obama should not choose Jack Lew for the next treasury secretary. Call me naive, but I believe that our president is a very intelligent and qualified man, and as such knows what is best for our country. I am confident in his ability to pick the right person for the job. Jack Lew is qualified for the position and will likely do well if he is indeed hired for that job.

  • Yes, he seems qualified

    I think that over the past few years, Jack Lew has shown that he has the ability, knowledge and understanding to make a good Treasury Secretary. The real test will be to watch what he does if and when he is appointed. That will be the real thing to keep an eye on.

  • Why not?

    It isn't so much that Obama should pick Jack Lew for Treasury Secretary as it is why should he not? Lew has done an adequate job in his varying functions in the past and has shown adequate understandings of the economy and things he should and should not do in the job.

  • He Should Choose Lew

    I think that it would be a good idea for President Barack Obama to pick Jack Lew for the position of Treasury Secretary. Lew is very qualified for the job in my opinion. He also did a great job as Obama's Chief of Staff. He has the trust of Democrats and Republicans, so I believe that he will do well.

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