• Should and has

    The Syrian opposition already has with great hesitation been recognized. It's a very difficult group to handle, while there is no question the nauseating tactics of Assad are committing a genocide, there are voices in the ears of the opposition that are not ones we want gaining a greater influence. The opposition group doesn't like us because they think this should have ended a long time ago (and they're right), so they are willing to listen to those that will help them more immediately, no matter who they may be.

  • Yes, as soon as possible.

    Barack Obama is the President of one of the most powerful countries in the world. His voice carries a weight that cannot be denied. As soon as the Syrian opposition shows it has a mandate, is organized and has a plan, President Obama should publicly announce support for the Syrian opposition and, additionally, commit effort to their goals. I'm not sure what effort would be appropriate, be it money or advisors or sanctuary. It's too soon to tell what kind of help is advisable. However, the Syrians have been begging for international support, and have specifically reached out to the United States. They are suffering, needlessly, at the hands of their own government! This insanity needs to end.

  • Yes, he has and he should have recognized the Syrian opposition

    Any group of people that large and powerful in size should be recognized. It would be foolish not too. Why you are recognizing the coalition that is against their respective government is what is important. Usually in this situation the opposition is recognized so they can feed them guns and other weaponry, without violating international law. If this turns out to be the case, it would be a disappointing mistake, as it is not our place to choose a side in a civil war that is not our own.

  • Fix our problems, then worry about others.

    We have always helped other countries and fought their wars for them. This not only puts us in further national deficit, but it also only breeds more hatred towards us. Many countries do not want us invading their countries, which is what would happen if Obama were to recognize the Syrian opposition. We have more serious problems in our country without adding to it. Fix our economy, help our people who are living on the streets because they lost their homes due to outsourcing and the collapse of the economy. Help our single mothers who want to do the right thing but cannot due to lack of assistance. Our country is falling while we decide to help others keep theirs. Fix our homeland and then we can focus on helping others.

  • No Recognition for Syrian Opposition

    No, President Obama should not recognize the Syrian opposition if that recognition is a precursor to providing aid, advisers, weaponry and finally troops. If recognition would bring on situations like the Korean Conflict, the Vietnam War, etc., it should not be done. When do we start taking care of our own country and her citizens? We cannot be the shoulder to cry on and police force for the entire world.

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