• Nixon Resigned, Obama should too.

    There comes a consequence when one violates the Constitution once. When Nixon did it, he resigned, and was almost impeached. When Clinton did it, he was impeached. But what happens when a President does it multiple times? Impeachment and incarceration is what should happen. The IRS Scandal and the Benghazi Scandal have been underrated to points where people haven't even considered it to be unconstitutional. Because of the Fast and Furious scandal alone he should resign from office.

  • Should Obama Resign? That is, if he knows what is best for him!

    I do not believe he will personally remove himself from his post. I believe, as the American people, we should get him out ourselves. Back in Nixon's time, all it took was one scandal for that man to decide to "resign" before he'd be impeached. There's basically a new scandal every week and WHAT ARE WE DOING AS AN AMERICAN PEOPLE? Allowing it to continue to happen. We are so oblivious because we care so much about Dwight Howard going to the Houston Rockets and Kanye West's baby named North West that we don't really care what they do. But it's time to start caring. So should Obama resign? If he knows what is best for him. If not, we, the American People, will rise and get him out!

  • He should be impeached

    Here are reasons he should be impeached:
    1. He has provided aid to al-qaeda in Syria, and providing aid or comfort to the enemy is treason under U.S law.
    2. He has bypassed Congress in committing U.S troops to acts of war (Libya and others), ignoring the war powers act (though to be fair, so has almost every other president).
    3. Obama bypassed the Senate by appointing czars who have unclear regulatory powers, which violates the fundamental principal of separation of powers, and exceeds the enumerated power of the executive branch outlined in the Constitution.
    4. Obama provided U.S military assets to Egypt during their civil war, another act of treason.
    5. Obama and everyone in Congress who was aware of the NSA spying on the entire population in guilty of violating the 4th amendment rights of the entire nation.

    There are more reasons but I am on a phone at the moment and its difficult to type them all out, lol.

  • He sucks to much to be president.


    1. He supports abortion.
    2. He spends kids futures away.
    3. He gives money to the company General Motors, which is completely irrelevant and General Motors is a terrible company that is going downhill.
    4. He helps Libyans without approval from the congress.
    5. He doesn't do anything whatsoever about the debt.
    6. He wants to make everyone who comes in, even illegally, a citizen. This is probably because he wants more democratic votes.
    7. He wants to pay teachers more when he doesn't realize that the state of education that the kids give is governed by the kids will to learn.
    8. He wants to cut college funds by 90%.


    China, Japan, Middle-East, Federal Reserve...

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  • Obama should resign

    He admits his policies will create a longer war, allowing ISIS to grow.
    His border policies threaten Homeland security.
    He is perceived as weak and dithering by the rest of the world.
    He is the architect of the civil unrest surrounding racism and class.
    He is tired of the job and is holding on to his policies for dear life until he can turn the mess over to the next president.
    There is probably enough evidence to impeach him.

  • Obama needs to resign.

    Obama should resign because, he is a rude lying little hater who is making America look bad. Don't you agree with me? He is didn't come to the most Important debate this year, instead he acted like an idiot and stayed in America and played golf. He's a freaking idiot! Reply if you agree.

  • Needs to get out now

    He needs out now. Raising the debt ceiling so many times makes our debt basically impossible to pay. He's abusing executive orders because he knows congress won't approve it as a law. People hate him. Know why there are so many Republicans are in Congress? They don't want another Obama and with enough votes he can be impeached and forcibly to resign. He should resign now since it's inevitable.

  • Obama does not know anything about being President of The United States of America and continues to prove it every day.

    He should resign for the good of the country our economy, security, safety and future. His influx of hundreds of thousands of illegals will take jobs away from legal African Americans as well as all other legal Americans. I can not understand why African Americans continue to vote for Democrats as the Democrats have always done so many things to hold them back.

  • Yes he should

    He has made our national debt so much greater, and if he stays it will just get worse! I think he should resign before things get disastrous.

    And he tells lies. We can't continue to put up with him! It won't make anything better if we do! He should just leave already

  • Resignation is more meant for when you literally CANT do the job anymore

    All presidents have scandals to their names, some worse than others. But that doesn't mean he should resign. Nixon resigned specifically because he wanted to avoid the shame of getting impeached because he knew it was coming. If these scandals are really so much worse than the things that have happened to other presidents (I wouldn't know, I didn't start paying attention to politics till the Bush administration so I only have 1 point of comparison), then by all means he should be impeached. But resignation should probably be reserved for when you no longer are physically or mentally capable of functioning at the level needed to hold the position. I mean yes these scandals you mention are pretty bad, but mostly those lie on the back of the White House as a whole more than Obama himself. Fast and Furious was a trainwreck but more an embarrasment than a legal offense, Benghazi he's guilty of political machinations but politicians tend to do that, the IRS isn't specifically linked to him, as far as I know no one has reason to believe he ordered that to happen himself. Maybe I'm wrong about that, but the rest of my argument i stick to.

  • The Yes votes have a clear misunderstanding of impeachment and resignation.

    I think the best way of explaining my no vote is to rebut the points brought up by the two preceding yes votes.

    1. Obama supports abortion. --- Wrong. Obama supports a woman's right to choose whether or not she can abort a fetus. He is not actively promoting abortion. Furthermore, this is not an impeachable offense. Millions of people across the country hold the same position as Obama; many voted for him because of this position. To want to impeach him for this is a severe lack of understanding of the democratic process.
    2. Obama spends kids' futures away. --- Government spending does not necessarily reduce college students' hopes for the future. In fact, stimulus spending on infrastructure and R&D actually boosts kids' prospects for the future. If you want to blame someone for debt escalation (a foolish gesture), blame President George W. Bush for entering several foreign wars on the nation's credit card.
    3. Obama gives money to General Motors, highly irrelevant spending. --- As of July 10, 2013, GM is up .27 points. Furthermore, the bailout saved hundreds of jobs in the automotive industry.
    4. Obama helps Libyans without approval from Congress. --- They're called executive orders, and they are not impeachable offenses. Plus, Obama's actions were supported by UN initiatives, preventing us from engaging in an imbroglio we experienced in Iraq.
    5. Obama doesn't do anything whatsoever about the debt. --- The various Congresses under Obama's term have raised the debt ceiling 4 times. Obama has also created various budgets working to cut spending across various measures, only for Congress to eviscerate his original plans.
    6. Obama wants to make everyone who comes in, even illegally, a citizen. --- Aside from the mere idea of saving lives from murderous cartels, Obama has worked together with people across the aisle to pass more comprehensive immigration reform. Deportation costs money. And, quite obviously, building a wall beyond the Rio Grande is among the costliest, most foolhardy, most impractical measures our nation could undertake.
    7. Obama wants to pay teachers more when he doesn't realize that the children's will to learn is the primary determiner of education. --- First off, teachers are chronically underpaid for their work. Second, great teachers can motivate originally lazy students to great things (see Jaime Escalante). Third, just wanting to pay teachers is not a reason to resign.
    8. Obama wants to cut college funds by 90%. --- Really? When he drastically increased funding for Pell Grants over his first term? Where are you pulling this number from?
    9. The IRS Scandal. --- It's never been linked to Obama. Legally, he's not responsible.
    10. Fast and the Furious. --- It was a stupid idea, but not an illegal one. If bad policy = impeachment, then pretty much every single US President deserves to resign.

  • Time's almost up.

    There's no need to resign. It's like throwing bricks onto a sinking ship. Let it go down; no need to expedite the nature of it. I'm starting to hope he picks up his slack in these remaining months. I was never pro-Obama, but he hasnt done anything detrimental worth resigning.

  • At least not now.

    Obama should not resign right now. He should stick in and try to make things better. I don't know if he really is considering resignation or anything, though. Though I will say that if things just go down hill and impeachment becomes highly considered, Obama should resign. But on the grounds of situations and his performance as president, although they're bad, I think Obama should stick in and do his best.

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