• Yes, Obama needs to stand

    Obama has made statements quite openly that there will be no agreement that doesn't include raising taxes for the upper 2 percent. He needs to stand on those words. He has shown himself to have far more strength and integrity than I think his opponents realize and he is in a position to know exactly what "going over the cliff" would entail. So, if he decides it is worth the risk, then I would have respect for him because he is doing it in what he believes is best for the majority. Sometimes a goal is worth taking a risk; if it is an important goal and the risks seem great, well, sometimes you just have to take them.

  • Sadly yes.

    At this point Obama is going to have to risk going off the fiscal cliff. It does not seem that the Republicans are willing to be reasonable in increasing taxes for the wealthy. Increasing taxes on the wealthy is something that is going to have to happen in order to decrease the deficit. It will be terrible if the country does in fact go over the cliff, but maybe it will actually make Congress compromise and think logically for the first time in a long time.

  • No

    Going into fiscal cliff will mean more taxes for everyone not just the rich, all the services will suffer cuts, including the state security, social security, welfare, etc. The inflation on everyday stuff is still going up, the unemployment is going up, the prices are going up , and the jobs are going down, the minimum wage will still be the same,money will be less every month not just for some but for all families. The president should stop acting like a kid and stop fooling around and get this beautiful country back on track. It is impossible to create revenue just by rising tax on the rich without making cuts. WHAT KIND OF FOOLISH IDEA, the president should start creating more jobs and putting more people to work, not taxing the ones who work and rewarding the one who don't.

  • No. Work out a compromise as long as it is fair.

    It is almost always better to work out some kind of compromise. However, he should not be afraid to walk away from the negotiations for a period if the Republicans do not actually offer up real concessions. But the focus should be on avoiding the ugly default solution that would make both parties unhappy. Focus on commonality.

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