Should Obama send troops to Ukraine to back up the new government?

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • We need to show Russia we mean business

    The Ukrainian people have legitimately established a new government and Russia is invading over this. The United States should with the approval of the Ukrainian government send in its own troops. This may lead to Russia backing down or a war with Russia, but if there is a war Russia isn't stupid they will agree to a limitation treaty that neither side will use nuclear weapons.

    The Cold War never ended. Abandoning communism was the best strategic move Russia ever took.

  • Russia have directly disobeyed the USA and the UN orders to pull out their military.

    The UN was set up to protect nations that couldn't protect themselves. The USA, and the Security counsel which they are part of have the mandate to protect Ukraine if there is and imposable threat to the Ukrainian government and more importantly to the citizens of the Crimea area. However it not expect from the USA to do this alone. Other members of the security counsel have to help as well. And people have mentioned that this isn't the USA's problem and it isn't ti is the UN's problem but the bulk of military forces that make up the UN are American

  • We are the greatest country in the world.

    We are the greatest country in the world and should show Russia the way. We are better people than having some rogue country invade Ukraine. We need to immediately position Patriot and Combat rockets on Ukranian soil and ensure the safety of people in the area since we are the greatest country in the world.

  • Russia preparing for WW3

    Russia has buffed up their military forces for the past few years. With increasing military strength as well as invading several states in the past few years this should not be allowed to continue.

    If Russia wants to start WW3 by invading countries, should we sit by until they have had vast success or try and cut them off at the beginning? WW3 will start whether or not the US invades the Ukraine. We did not start WW2 or WW1 and yet they still happened.

  • Well, calm down you peoples.

    The Ukrainians need help, and they need help from the highest reated military force in the world. We had help from other countries when we had wars, so we should help them. They are also an independant country, and need their freedom. We can go there, be accepted by the Ukraininans, and keep them free in their country. Anyway, Russia is already the biggest country in the world, if we do not go, the Russians will probably ruin themselves by trying to control too much land, we have got to show that we care, that we do not want them to all be destroyed. And that will probably help Russia calm down a little more.

  • Hello WWIII anyone?

    Russia is doing the same thing Germany was right before WWII. They are bullying nearby countries and provoking them. Ukraine needs to be supported in this war If we do not stop Russia this will soon turn into an all out war. We must stop Russia to maintain the peace, and prevent bigger wars.

  • Small contained, peace keeping presence.

    I don't see how putting forces on the ground to stabilize eastern Ukraine will provocotive when the Ukraine government has requested more assistance. I also don't see how a more assertive solution, such as material and troop assistance will set off a Third World War as some have suggested. If Russia truly doesn't have land forces and weapons in Ukraine, as they vehemently state, then the Kremlin shouldn't mind if peace keeping troops from a western nation arrive to help stabilize the country and put down an independent insurrection (remember, the Russians aren't backing the rebels) and return peace and order to eastern Ukraine. Right?

  • Russia needs to know it's place.

    If we do not do something about Putin there will be another problem on our hands and may very well cause another world war, if we do send troops to Russia and we fight them, and we win, there will be no more problem of Putin to any other country.

  • The U N should protect Ukraine.

    A blitzkrieg style, ambiguously marked army storming over a country and destroying it can't be allowed, war is hell, U N forces should go in and stop the fighting, then if the people of Ukraine want Russian involvement, their government should represent their people and sign a treaty with Russia, but as it stands, they are a member of the Nato alliance and should be protected as such

  • Send strong message

    Putin will only back down in face of real opposition . Nobody wants world war 3 but we all have obligation to protect the oppressed ,better to send troops in now than stand back and let the russians get hold in ukraine , also much stronger sanctions are needed to reinforce position

  • Oh. Dear. God. No.

    Why exactly would we put boots on the ground in a country that's only a stone's throw away from Russia? Do we want to start World War III? Have people forgotten what almost happened at Pristina? This is an utterly stupid idea that the U.S. should never even begin to consider.

  • Lets All Start WW3

    Sending troops to the Ukraine to fight off the Russians will get Russia mad that we declared war on them and the Ukraine mad because were on there land. Russia will get its allies to fight against us and we will Allie will the Ukraine. More countries will join the fight and BOOM we just started a WW3. Knowing Obama this will probably happen

  • No, we must stay out of this problem, it has nothing to do with the United States

    The United States needs to stay out of something that has nothing to do with us. There's no reason why we should be involved. This has to do with The us. So we need to stay out. We need to better our country first. No more money needed to be wasted.

  • It's not his case

    The United States (and with them Obama) have nothing to do with the current situation in Ukraine, even if the Russian are getting involved, and they are, Obama should not send any troops there, it would only make Russian-American relationships worse and in Ukraine a huge civil war might start, lasting years and killing thousands if not millions.

  • No. I think this would be unwise.

    No. I don't think President Obama should send troops. But he and other world leaders can exert pressure on President Putin to get him to realize that what he is doing now in the Crimea is wrong. The Ukraine must govern itself democratically and not be bullied by the military forces of either nations, who have their own agenda. My position is that the world must let Putin know that what he is doing is wrong - and exert calculated pressure. But caution and dialogue are absolutely required between all parties!

  • World War III, anyone?

    There are no circumstances under which I support war or violence, but this case is especially alarming to me because I see it mushrooming into a global conflict. There is absolutely no need for US intervention in Ukraine. America, despite what the vast majority of the population seems to think, is not obligated to rush in and save the day for every other country that gets itself in trouble. We are not Ukraine's keeper. Besides which, it's not like we need Russian-American relationships to be strained by this either.

    Posted by: krz
  • Boots on the ground? No. A larger presence in the region? Yes.

    How would we like it if Canada or Mexico were suddenly thrown into a civil war (capitalism v communism), and China began sending troops and arms to sway the outcome in their favor? As long as Obama is intent on continuing his apologetic foreign policy, it will only get worse. The truth is we are repeating the Carter years. It may take a Reagan and several more decades for the U.S. to regain any respect on the world stage.

  • This is Ukraine business, not ours.

    The people of Ukraine should decide what kind of future and Government they want. We do not need to waste the tax payers dollars on another military intervention that is none of our business. For once we need to stay out of a foreign country's problems and take care of our own country.

  • No Obama has gutted our military, gutted paychecks, benefits, morale isn't exactly through the roof

    A weak commander in chief, Russians taking advantage of it. I remember a certain president who screwed up the Bay of pigs, ruined the one chance for Cubans to be...Sort of free. This in turned allowed for the Russians to see a weak president after which they sent forces to Cuba. The president gave up missiles in Turkey to bribe them off which he wouldn't have needed to if was actually a strong leader.

    Seems like history repeating itself all over again.

    Posted by: N711
  • No we shouldn't send troops.

    If we send troops and declare war we will all suffer from it, Russian is armed with nuclear weapons probably ten times stronger than the tsar bomba they set off before, we are getting ourselves into something that is not needed. Not to sound rude to Obama but we should stay out of it, because if it backfires EVERYBODY suffers from it.

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