• Well he already has

    Obama has spoken a great deal about Iran and their diplomatic talks that they are going through. They are lifting sanctions on Iran in exchange for the elimination of their weapons programs. He has recently said that he will veto anything that will get in the way of peace talks with Iran.

  • It's time to mend fences.

    Iran is a bit of a mixed bag these days. While we're still not exactly thrilled with them with regard to their 1979 Islamic coup and the resulting American hostage crisis, the government currently there seems more willing to open dialog with us than ever before. With their issues around nuclear weapons and rocket testing becoming an international concern, Obama might want to start speaking about, out, and with Iran.

  • Obama should not speak out on Iran.

    Obama should not speak out on Iran. We should just let Iran deal with their own problems and get back to dealing with the problems in the United States. The economy would be a good place to start or the homeless people that we have. Why must we always fight other countries problems for them?

  • Iran should be ignored

    Like we do regularly with North Korea, Iran should simply be ignored. The less attention Obama attracts to them the less aggressive they will Iran. Iran is one of the last cold war powers playing games by the old rules. They will harp on anything positive or negative said about them by the POTUS.

  • Speaking Out Won't Do Anything

    I do not believe there is any reason why Obama should speak out against Iran. I believe we would see no benefit from that action. It is far better to keep communications open, so that we can speak. Talking badly about a country in public forums, doesn't really get anyone to a better place.

  • It isn't going to help

    Barack Obama has already spoken out on the topic of Iran. For example, he has stated that he doesn't believe Iran should get a nuclear weapon. However, I don't think it's going to do any good. Iran is not going to stop its nuclear research just because the US says so, and it seems hypocritical for the US to say Iran cannot have nuclear weapons while it maintains a huge nuclear stockpile itself.

  • Silence is golden

    There is no reason for the president to give Mahmoud Ahmadinejad what he wants. The leader of Iran thrives on controversy and misdirection. By President Obama speaking out, President Ahmadinejad gains the opportunity to twist Obamas' words and raise the ire of the Iranian people; thus pulling their attention away from their domestic problems. By Obama remaining silent - less is more.

  • Iran Has Done Nothing to the United States

    As Iranians continue to make controversial statements and bold moves, President Barack Obama should remain mum on the issue. There are already economic sanctions in place. Military intervention isn't needed because Israel already has a military with which to defend itself. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad only has until June when he is term limited out of office. All Obama has to do is wait for the leader to be replaced.

  • President Obama needs to not speak out on Iran

    No, Obama should not speak out on Iran.The Iranian election is a matter for the Iranian people. It is up to them to elect their leadership. Of course, we hope that the real will of the people will be reflected in their elections. But any other statement at this time by President Obama and his administration would be counterproductive. If the intention is to help the opposition, it would likely back fire and have the regime call the opposition agents of the Great Satan.

    Yet if we approve of the election results we will be abandoning the faction that believes the election has been stolen from them. Since we do not know what the actual results were, or were likely to be, any statement is highly inappropriate and would be considered meddling by the majority of the Iranian public.

  • President Obama needs to not speak out on Iran, rather he should wait and respond in accorance with the U.N.

    There is no reason why the United States should be the first to speak out on Iran. For too long we have been the first to speak and the first to act. That is what got us into the Iraq war in the first place. If our President were to follow the same path that our country has followed before how many more unneeded deaths would happen. We have a place in this world, but it's not our job to police it.

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