• Obama needs to mend relationships on Capitol Hill.

    There's so much strife and anger about so many issues on Capitol Hill that we need our president there to at least mend relationships. While it seems like the Republican Party will do anything to go against the grain for any reason, Congress needs to communicate with itself for us to get anything done. I find Obama to be a fine man, but he's hasn't been perfect, and now it's time for him to get down to business with both parties.

  • Yes, he should go up on Capitol Hill.

    Yes, I believe President Obama should spend more time on Capitol Hill. By spending more time on Capitol Hill, I think he will be able to make more connections with members of Congress and be able to get more things going in Washington. He needs to be a voice for the people.

  • He should some, yes

    If the president is right there with the people so adamantly refusing to work with him that drag him through the mud on a daily basis, maybe they'll shut their mouths and do their jobs once in a while. Most Americans would settle for that right now, considering currently they literally never accomplish anything.

  • Why even bother?

    With the Republicans doing everything in their power to stall the President and his political agenda at every turn, I do not see any reason why he should spend more time on Capitol Hill. The only thing to be gained by doing so is to see lots and lots of gridlock.

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