Should Obama stop letting Syrian refugees from coming to the USA?

Asked by: Caseo7
  • Yes he should

    They will cause more war and terrorist attacks in the USA like 9/11 we need to stop terrorism in our country of America we need more national security for us and we need to stop terrorist from coming into the USA Obama is messing this country up we need to stop them for now

  • We have other problems

    We don't need to be letting thousands of refugees, who we don't know if they are terrorists or not, into America when we have soldiers who are living on the streets, hundreds of people on well fare. It isn't fair to them or anyone in America. Not saying that the refugees don't need help, they do but America can't handle refugees right now.

  • No he shouldn't

    I'm for restricting all immigration, but not outright banning it. We should do what we can to help people in need. We also need to help European countries like Germany out because they have taken in way to many immigrants to handle and its literally destroying them. Yes we should allow Syrian refugees in.

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