Should Obama stop Syrian refugees from coming to the USA ?

Asked by: Caseo7
  • Not if we can't guarantee a minimum level of security

    They are literally from ISIS's homeland. That's like letting in a bunch of homeless New Yorkers to your home and not asking any questions. If you can't check and verify that they don't have ties to positions that are contrary to the existence of a continued United States, they shouldn't be allowed in. Certainly not to the mainland.

    However, with our vast (and eclectic) holdings around the world, I think we could probably set up an isolated but livable relocation area for them to live. If we can't guarantee you're not affiliated with ISIS in a meaningful way you get to stay in a refugee camp away from the homeland...Courtesy of the US taxpayer. It's the best we can do without compromising on the security of legitimate citizens.

  • Most Refugees Inicent

    The refugees are inicent and haven't done anything we should welcome them with open arms and let them come here. I think we should do background checks and/or watch but let them come to the United States Of America. We do not want to be one country that does not let them come.

  • You want terrorists to come in?

    I know this sounds stupid, but let me remind you the reason the Paris attacks occurred was because of the fact that Isis smuggled terrorists into the refugees that came into Paris. We can't just willingly take in these people if Isis can pull the same stunt on us. Recklessly letting the refugees in without knowing and remembering the risk is completely illogical

  • Refugees are welcome

    Say it loud, say it clear, refugees are welcome here *clap* *clap*
    These people are fleeing war and terrorism and are looking for a place where they can raise their families in peace. The US can provide that. Remember the pilgrims? They were refugees from religious persecution! Some of our first settlers were refugees!

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