• Yes, it won't happen.

    Republicans are just so against anything that is progressive and liberal in orientation that they will not compromise and they try to make it look as if the other side is not ready to compromise. So President Obama needs to do what is good for the country without relying on this type of bipartisan support.

  • They just hate him

    They hate him because he is Democrat like the way the hated Clinton because he was a Democrat. They hate Obama more because he is really smart. The reason they hate him the most, from the rhetoric by the Republicans is because he is black. No President has been called the extreme names Obama has been called. No President has ever been told, "you lie," in a state of the union address. Some of the people leading this country are just straight up jokes.

  • He is never bipartisan

    The man is incapable of seeing any view other than his own. He is a total disaster as president and Hillary will be even worse. The country is doomed with these radical leftists in charge. God help America through what lies ahead. Trump would not have been my first choice but at least he a change from the disasters of the last 8 years

  • Need to reach across the aisle

    I think that there are a lot of people who identify as Republican who do not seem to like the Affordable Care Act, but they also don't seem to know much about it either. Democrats should still try to get some support so that those politicians can get the information to their constituents.

  • Partisanship ruins politics

    President Obama would be foolish to abandon efforts at bipartisanship with the Republicans. They are essential to his agenda, and politics in the last couple decades that has been pervaded by partisahnship has been more ineffective than ever. Both sides need to try to work together to find lasting solutions.

  • Obama needs bipartisan support.

    Obama needs bipartisan support. This is not something he should stop trying to get. It is something he should start trying to get. He shouldn't try to coerce the Republicans into supporting his views. He should try negotiating and meeting half way. This is what is best for the Republicans, Democrats, and the United States of America. We need comprimise, not dictatorship.

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