Should Obama threaten Pakistan with sanctions for trying a 9 month old for attempted murder

Asked by: MasturDbtor
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  • That is not enough reason to change national relations

    I am going ONLY on the question, not any real incidents. A nine year old should be punished for attempted murder just like anyone else, though the punishment should be a little different. First of all, if the parents are decent people, they should keep custody of the child, but not posses any weapons or poisons, and should keep a close eye on the child. Many kids think about murdering their parents, but few try. This really isn't abnormal. There is a child, and two people who try to rule his/her life, there's bound to be unpleasant desires.

  • Getting facts right

    AFAIK, the police officers who charged the family(with the baby therein) are suspended for further investigations. Obama is too busy at the moment and wouls get back to you at a later time. Currently, our concatenation relies on drones, coercive rhetoric and sanctions, certainly pathetic and sad IMO. This is how we roll in relations with some other countries however.

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MasturDbtor says2014-04-10T23:30:41.083
This got posted? I had just noticed midway through that the Pakistani government put a stop to this and thought I had cancelled it.