Should Obama use executive action to deal with guns?

  • Yes Obama should use an executive action to enact gun control

    The NRA has become too powerful a lobby and presents a distorted view of what the American people want. Senate and Congressional representatives are bullied into compliance with the NRA agenda because they are concerned about being reelected. Meanwhile nothing gets done to help curb the gun violence that is killing our children. I think an executive action is the only way to actually accomplish some meaningful gun control.

  • Yes He Should

    President Obama should definitely use his executive powers to deal with gun issues. I have been waiting for him to do so. There is no way that he is not aware of all the deaths being caused by guns. He's from Chicago and gun issues are a bigger problem there than most places in this country. Step it up Obama.

  • Wrong way to deal with a legitimate issue

    No, this kind of action would be illegal and unconstitutional. I say this as an advocate of gun control and a registered Democrat. I think there should be stricter gun controls, both at the state and federal levels, but they should be passed by the legislatures. It is wrong to abuse power even if the results are the right ones.

  • No, the constitution is pretty clear

    The bottom line here no matter what we want to believe the constitution is pretty clear that he does not have the right to make his own laws. I do agree something needs to be done about the guns, but to use powers that should not be used to handle this problem is a slap in the fact of the founding fathers.

  • What Will Future Presidents Use Executive Action For?

    The president is not the legislator. His job is not to make the laws. Even if you want guns banned ask yourself do you want a Republican president to sign executive orders to stop abortion? Would you like a future president to sign an executive order declaring a state of emergency and terminating all free speech? Don't just think about guns when you think of whether Obama should do this. The setting of example for the future for other cases is crucial and should be carefully considered.

  • Absolutely not.

    To suggest that Obama even holds the power to do something about guns is to show what some of the problems this country has. He doesn't hold the power to just magically make gun disappear, executive *order* or not. It isn't feasible, and it is unconstitutional. Trying to argue that he should is just another part of the uneducated masses that cause this great country to be mocked by others.

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Jack_D says2015-06-07T03:39:30.023
No, it's illegal and unconstitutional. I say this as an advocate of gun control and a registered Democrat. I think there should be stricter gun controls but they should be passed by the legislature.