• Yes, he should before it all gets thrown up in the air in the next set of elections.

    Obama has already had a positive spin on it, and while he's been in office two states have gone to recreational legalization. He would be smart to create jobs and more tax money for the people and government. It would end the federal versus state issues that are currently an issue. Also, since today the federal reserve was ruled to handle money made from the profits of marijuana, that's kind of the federal government giving a nod of its head to legalization.

  • A historical inevitability

    Right now, most states seem to be siding with legalization. A few have already completely legalized marijuana - not just for medical purposes, but for recreational use. Obama is not wrong that the legalization of marijuana is not a major federal issue, but it would put him on the right side of history to assist in the process.

  • He should, but he can't. Yay, semantics!

    Yes, I think that the President should use his executive powers to ease marijuana laws, but that can't actually happen. What does have the power to do, however, is to direct the government agencies under his control (Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration, etc.) to make marijuana prosecutions the lowest official priority.

  • Has Already Done So

    President Obama has already done so when he instructed the Department of Justice to ease up prosecutions of federal marijuana laws a few years ago. That opened up the possibilities of legalizing pot in Washington state and Colorado. Those states will be the great experiment in the debate over legalization and how it affects American citizens. Will easing marijuana laws save billions of dollars in the criminal justice system each year? We're about to find out in 2014.

  • No, not until more studies are done.

    It seems like those who support marijuana have convinced everyone that it's safe. But I'm not convinced. Even the President said he thinks it's no more dangerous than alcohol, which isn't really saying much. I'm concerned that if we allow a third drug to become mainstream (counting nicotine and alcohol as the other two), we will have even more trouble than misuse of these two drugs already has caused. There's no reason Obama should get involved more in this issue, and I don't think the federal law should change. More studies need to be done before it's made legal.

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